"an excellent introduction to SHADOW PRINCE"

Angelique Blanchard dreams of the days of old - knights in shining armor, magic and a round table where men are equal. Instead, her parents are dragging her to look at enormous universities that are impersonal and not where she wants to go after graduating from high school. But when she falls asleep in the backseat of the station wagon during a storm, she thinks she wakes up in Camelot. Except rather than being a wonderful place, she quickly finds out that Nord D'Rae is NOT QUITE CAMELOT.

For Angie, its almost love at first sight when she first meets the moody Prince Reynart. Offering her his protection from the Mage Gervaise, she hides in his rooms during the day. As their attraction grows, so does the danger that Angie is in; for little does she know, but her arrival wasn't an accident!

Angie and Reynart are truly star-crossed lovers and how they meet, I found fascinating. I really thought it was interesting that while this is an alternate universe, Angie was able to speak and understand the language of the nobles even though she couldn't read the language, nor could she understand any of the other languages of the world.

I am going to admit that I had a problem with Angie giving herself to Reynart. Even though she liked him, I felt kind of like she was compensating him for protecting her with her body. However, I admired Reynart because I didn't feel like he was taking advantage of Angie. He was ensuring her safety from his family's mage (an evil Merlin) and he fell in love.

While I would have liked the story longer (I'm a greedy reader...I always want more) NOT QUITE CAMELOT is an excellent introduction to SHADOW PRINCE. I think Ms Dunne truly has the calling to weave wonderful stories and she didn't disappoint with NOT QUITE CAMELOT. I'm greatly looking forward to more stories in the World Gates series.

Posted August 23, 2005

review for ebook edition - ISBN:1419901872

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted December 3, 2006


Angie Blanchard never felt that she fit in, preferring instead to lose herself in books and dreaming of the pageantry and passion of Camelot. But when she is magically transported to the kingdom of Nord D'Rae, instead of enjoying an idyllic world of knights and ladies, she finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of court politics. Escaping from the wizard who planned to sacrifice her for his rituals, Angie is forced to take refuge with the enigmatic Prince Reynart. But Reynart's own existence is precarious - despised by the courtiers for his bastard birth, he struggles to prove himself a loyal son to his tyrannical father. His task is made all the harder by the Queen who is determined that her son, Reynart's half-brother, should be the one to inherit their father's throne. Reynart has learned the folly of trusting anyone, and Angie is no exception. Convinced she is part of some nefarious plot, he offers her refuge in his private chambers so he can learn her secrets at his leisure. Won over by her innocent trust, he finds it increasingly difficult to keep up his guard. Slowly, distrust turns to understanding, and eventually to love.

Previously released in electronic format.


Not Quite Camelot
(World Gates - Book 1)
by Jennifer Dunne

Cerridwen Press
March 1, 2006
Available: February 28, 2006
ISBN #1419954814
EAN #9781419954818
194 pages
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