"An interesting addtion to the Crimson series"

Claudia Donavan is a human woman just trying to survive in the Crimson City. Life is chaotic enough, but with demons infiltrating the police force, no one can be trusted. When her daughter is kidnapped, Claudia goes after her and finds herself thrust into the demon world of Orcus. Her only ally, Tiberiu Korzha cannot be trusted and isn't very popular amongst the vampire - his own kind.

Carolyn Jewel has written a very interesting novel built on the determination of what a mother would go through for the love of her child. Claudia, like the rest of the humans on the police force from Crimson City, is way out of her element; plus she is getting used by the demons and doesn't know it yet.

What surprised me the most about this story is that the pace was not as frantic as I expected. Claudia is very afraid of what is happening and what will happen to her daughter if she doesn't rescue her; but, even though she and Tiberiu are running for their lives and trying to escape the demons while on Orcus the pace of the book was very slow. Because the events transpiring and the pace of the book were at odds it was a struggle for me to continue reading the middle of the book.

What I did really like about A DARKER CRIMSON is that you do get to see the "enemy" - the demons from Orcus. I really liked this because while the humans are fighting to survive on Earth, they are doing the same on Orcus. You have innocent lives on both sides just like you have the extreme radicals that want to infiltrate the other world to destroy it. Reading this book is almost like getting to see the fight for survival from the eyes of the other camp, even though both Claudia and Tiberiu are from Earth.

Something else I think is note worthy about A DARKER CRIMSON that may be a deterrent for some readers: Carolyn is forcibly taken as a mate by one of the demons. While he seduces her, it is still against her will. I mention this only because I've heard so many readers not wanting to read this type of story. The demon is a main character in Claudia's life and serves as both a protagonist and an antagonist which I also found very interesting about this book.

All in all, this is a very unique addition to the multi- author Crimson series as it has plenty of its own merits to offer. I kind of look at A DARKER CRIMSON like a classic novel: a struggle to read but overall, a good book.

Posted July 20, 2006

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted December 3, 2006


A Multi-Author Series

Long ago, the portal was sealed, and Los Angeles—now Crimson City—rid itself of demons for eternity. Or so Claudia Donovan believed. With the city's other paranormals more active than ever, and the treaty between humans, vampires and werewolves all but dissovled, she and the rest of the CCPD had enough to handle.

But now her daughter has been kidnapped and she's learned that demons still exist—and that they are plotting. She herself is caught in a dark ritual and must go to the creatures' shadowy world. To whom can she turn for help? The vampire Tiberiu Korzha whose eyes promise death but whose lips taste of eternity? Or does salvation lie with the powerful Lath, he who inspires lust beyond name?

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A Darker Crimson
(Crimson City: Book 4)
by Carolyn Jewel

Love Spell
November 1, 2005
Available: November 1, 2005
ISBN #0505526581
EAN #9780505526588
384 pages
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