"An action packed conclusion to the CRIMSON series"

Years ago, Cydney Brighton was the soul survivor of a top secret team trying to open a portal between two dimensions. It was at that point in time she caught the eye of a demon and only because of this her life was spared. Years later, Cyd is working for B-Ops dealing with vampires and were- wolves. However one night peace is broken and hell seems to have come to the surface. In actuality, demons have invaded Los Angels, (renamed Crimson City) and one night while on the job, Cyd is sucked into Orcus (see CRIMSON CITY -- book one also by Liz Maverick).

Fighting her way out of Orcus, Cyd is no longer "just human". Forcibly joined with Griff-Vai, the demon whose eye she had caught, Cyd manages to only escape because a portal appears in front of her and somehow she is able to grab the amulet used to make the portal appear (the very end of SEDUCED BY CRIMSON by Jade Lee). Now she is back in Crimson City and so many things have changed that Cyd doesn't really fit in: not with her former B-Ops associates, the government that wants her to restart the demon program and not even with her old associates in the underground.

Trying to find somewhere to fit in, Cyd starts working with Finn a man who quickly becomes the only person she feels safe with and can trust. Only, Finn, as an escaped Mech unit, has his own secrets. As Crimson City falls apart around them and Griff hot on Cyds' trail, they can count only on one another to try and stay alive. Liz Maverick certainly made me one happy reader simply by writing Cydneys story. With everything that is taking place between the vampires, demons, were-wolves and now adding the Mechs into the series, this is a story I really wanted to read.

However there is too much happening and unfortunately, I feel the story is incomplete, especially as the last book in the series. Key parts seemed rushed, and there are quite a few loose ends that I would have liked resolved. Many of my "loose ends" come from several characters (Bridget & Jillian to name two) that have had bit parts throughout the series but are suddenly secondary characters and there is too much happening in their lives. Honestly, I don't see Cydney and Finn having their "happy ever after"... at least not quite yet.

I wasn't lost with the chain of events transpiring in CRIMSON ROGUE as Liz is a fantastic story teller. If you haven't read any of the books in this series however, you will not want to start with this one as there is too much information that will prove overwhelming to an unsuspecting reader.

Cydney really caught my eye as a messed up "side-kick" in the first book and she really proved herself a strong and capable woman with her own story. I also really appreciated the fact that as you learn more about her, its not like she suddenly morphs into someone she isn't; she still has to deal with many of the issued brought up when you are first introduced to her.

I was really able to empathize with Finn as a hero and I have to admit I wasn't disappointed with how things ended for him as a hero. However, I would have liked a confrontation with him and Fleur of the Vampires. I also have so many unanswered questions regarding him I don't really know what to say!

I must admit that I really enjoyed the story and overall feel that ROGUE has the possibility of being an excellent conclusion to the series. However, overall, I really needed more and I really think there needs to be another story. Even though I don't feel my review is very favorable, I was glued to this book until I finished, and the action is non- stop.

Posted August 5, 2006

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted December 3, 2006


A Multi-Author Series

From the four strata of Crimson City come rogues: vampire, werewolf, human, demon. These rebels, rakes and unsung heroes have turned their backs on the extravagant vampire skyway, the gritty werewolf underground, the iron-fisted human stronghold and the fiery power of the demon underworld. Walking a thin line between heaven and hell, they make their own rules and follow their own destinies. Ironically, they will be the ones to determine if the City flourishes or fails.

Cydney Brighton knows them well, for she too is now rogue. Having escaped hell, she's discovered that the City is not what it once was—and neither is she. Only one man understands her, understands what it means to be someone or something beyond control. He's ready to come out of the darkness; and part-man, part-machine, he's willing to sacrifice almost anything to make himself whole.

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Crimson Rogue
(Crimson City: Book 6)
by Liz Maverick

Love Spell
April 1, 2006
Available: April 4, 2006
ISBN #0505526255
EAN #9780505526250
384 pages
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