"Ghostly love -- is there a future for them?"

I really like books with a ghost hero. And Valentine Tremaine is no ordinary ghost. He's a legendary lover. And these are some of his thoughts on woman:
Ah, women ... Creatures sent straight from heaven God's supreme effort to outdo all the Devil's pleasurable vices. There was no food as delectable, no whiskey as warm and soothing, no drug as addicting. Ah, yes women ... They came in every size and shape, short and tall, petite and buxom, shy as a summer shower, bold as a clap of thunder, and Val adored them all regardless. (Now who couldn't love a man who thinks like that?)

Veronica Parrish is a college student working two jobs. She just wanted to buy a bed. But when she went to the shop she felt drawn towards one bed. A bed just made for sin. The bed was Val's. He had been shot and killed in it 150 years ago. And now he haunts it. When Val sees Veronica he decides that 150 years of celibacy is over. She just has to buy the bed and take it and him home and he'll have her. So he whispers "Take Me Home". Problem: Veronica is a virgin. Val doesn't do virgins. So they make a deal. He'll help her write a paper for her human sexuality class on the 50 steps to ultimate sexual fulfillment and she'll help him discover if a woman from his past actually had his baby.

Being a ghost has its advantages and disadvantages for Val. He can touch and be touched, feel and be felt, his senses are heightened, and there is more substance to him from midnight 'til 3 AM. So now poor Veronica who doesn't see herself as beautiful is being woke up to longing and desire she didn't think she had but then there's Val's no virgin rule. And Veronica is falling in love with a ghost.

There are some really great scenes in this book. Like Val getting upset when Veronica gets into his bed and ignores him and eats pizza. Veronica deciding to seduce the reluctant ghost. And Veronica's friend Danny and the added benefits he gets when Val possesses his body.

I really enjoyed this book. And it does have a happy ending.


Val and Veronica are together in the end of the book. But what I did not like is another character dies and Val is allowed that person's body. He has the other person's identity and looks, all except for when Veronica looks at him she sees Val's blue eyes. But it is Val on the inside. Now I just didn't really like that. I would have rather Val came back to life in his own body. But that's simply a personal thing.

Sheila Bragg / September, 1999
Copyright 1999 for ParaNormal Romance & Book Isle Paperbacks

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 12, 2001


In The Midnight Hour
(Haunting Hearts)
by Kimberly Randell

Penguin USA
April 1, 1999
ISBN #0515124834
304 pages
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