"A satirical vampire story"

This was a unique and satirical look at both the world of vampires and the world of politics. This short story well epitomizes the meaning of this particular Tarot card, the Six of Wands, which represents "triumph, power, and acclaim."

Tiffany Golden was a young political advocate, supporting Presidential candidate Senator Felix P O'Neill as one of his campaign volunteers. She never let a chance pass to encourage others to vote, even those minorities no one else thinks of... like vampires? Bitten on her way home one night, and converted to a vampire herself, she immediately launches personal voting campaign supporting the Senator, by organizing the vampires to vote. Who knew what would come as a result of her campaigning?

What an original story line for Ms. Rose to write! Who else would have thought to write a story involving politics and vampires so intertwined? Tiffany is strong willed, not willing to give up on her volunteer mission of bringing a strong liberal candidate in to the Presidency. Of course, it sure doesn't hurt that Sen. O'Neill is incredibly gorgeous and sexy as sin, likely to liven up the White House in more ways then one. George Lagorsky, the vampire who sired Tiffany is hilarious in his efforts to be the stereotypical vampire of classic horror movies, emulating Bela Lugosi's movie image. Then there's Tim Johnson, the gorgeous model whose career had taken a tumble when he was converted to a vampire. Each character adds an interesting new dimension to the story, bringing humor to the plot, and amusing readers through to the end.

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Posted November 4, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 27, 2006


Flame Rating: 2 Flames

Tiffany Golden is having the time of her death.

Having spent the last weeks of her life trying to put a sexy senator into the White House, she redoubles her efforts afterwards. In such a close election, she knows that even a small downtrodden minority can make all the difference—and what minority is trodden down further than her fellow undead (by about six feet, usually). Soon she has an issue she can really sink her teeth into—namely, leading the (pardon the expression!) crusade to organize this much-despised demographic into a powerful voting bloc. And along the way, she meets with the battiest bunch of vampires, vampire slayers and vote seekers this side of Terry Pratchett.

They include—

--George Zagorsky, her vampire sire, who asks himself, in almost every crisis, "What would Bela Lugosi do?"

--Tim Johnson, a male model, who finds new career opportunities in posing for the covers of erotic romantic vampire novels—with the strict understanding that he can only work at night

--a crazy crew of self-chosen Vampire Slayers, hastily formed from the disaffected faction of the Jefferson Davis High School PTA

--and, as always, in any presidential election year, the TV pundits, who are eager to tell the public how much the Vampire Vote will really count.

--But above all, there is Tiffany’s hero, the presidential candidate, Felix O’Neill. He rewards her efforts by inviting her into his bed—where they really do make things go bump in the night.


I'm Undead and I Vote
(Tarot: Six of Wands)
by Jackie Rose

eXtasy Books
July 1, 2004
ISBN #1554101735
EAN #9781554101733
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