"Brilliant Techno-Thriller from Nance!"

Kathleen Nance is a beautiful writer. She has been doing some great series with the Immortals, distant children of the Old Greek Gods, and the Djinn series. But she really hit her stride with Day of Fire last May, the second book in the successful 2176 series for Dorchester Publishing. The Book blew me away! Nance is a near poetic writer, so that she wrote one of 2004 best Sci-Fi Romances really showed the range of her talent. She dazzles me again with this tale of Techo-Thriller Suspense, leaving me believing there is anything Nance cannot write!

Agent Daniel Chaplain, a computer specialist is running an intercept on a terrorists' computer transmission when it is interrupted by a message from Lokus. Lokus is a `cyber soldier', a premiere hacker. This is not the first time Lokus has caused problems with an operation Chaplain was involved in and he would like to see him shut down. When he sees the name Isabella Q on a sex chat board on a web page of Lokus, Daniel has the odd feeling this may be a woman he was in love with once. His Bella betrayed him four years ago when he proved her father falsified important scientific data. Following her trail, he heads to Michigan to check on Bella, fearing that Bella just might be Lokus. Daniel arrives on the scene to save Bella's life. She was driving home on an icy road when her car is deliberately run off the road. Daniel's timely appearance saves her freezing to death. She is hiding `Fran' and artificial intelligent computer. She created it using her father's original plans for which he was accused of falsifying information. She plans on dropping the bombshell of `Fran' at an expose in a month's time. Only Lokus has learned of Bella's plans and that she has `Fran' and plans to steal it from Bella and will do anything to get it. Only Daniel stands between Bella and Lokus, but Bella cannot trust him after what he did to her father. However, `Fran' seems to trust him!

Nance delivers a taught sci-fi/techno thriller that has a relentless pace right to the finale.

It has the same rock' em, sock `em power that Day of Fire delivered, the same nail-biting, cannot-put-down storyline that never forgets the romance. Nance is clearly showing she can deliver a powerful story, with wit, a touch of humor and heart that sets her above others writing in this genre. A powerhouse of a book that just should not be missed!

Posted April 15, 2005

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted November 27, 2006



Headlights in a blizzard, a car following too close, too fast, left Bella Quintera wrecked by the side of the road. Such reckless driving, especially in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, seemed ominous. The identity of her rescuer confirmed Bella's fears. Years before, Daniel Champlain had been her lover, but the relationship was one she strove to forget. The NSA agent's rugged good looks still haunted her- as did his betrayal.


She'd watched him destroy her father; now Daniel demanded Bella listen. She was in danger. He wanted to know about her new creation, about its implications for national security. What she'd designed was worth killing for; but was a master criminal truly after her-or was it Daniel, again pursuing his ambition, thoughtlessly flipping her life upside down? The peril was real, no game like the jigsaw puzzles she made in her spare time. And this puzzle had missing pieces: the ones that showed whom she could trust.


by Kathleen Nance

Leisure Books
April 1, 2005
Available: April 5, 2005
ISBN #0843954914
EAN #9780843954913
384 pages
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