"fun romantic fantasy"

At the employer-employee review Zeus warns demigoddess Kyra that her performance is unsatisfactory as she has not accomplished much since their last counseling one century ago. He explains to the distraught Muse of Good Fortune that she is on probation and if she fails to improve her outcomes, she will be terminated. He gives her one month in Vegas to make the grade.

Socrates Themopolis hires Jake Lennox to determine who is skimming money from his Vegas located Acropolis I casino and hotel as the place is packed but losing a million a month. Jake pretends to be Socrates' nephew so he can easily get around. When he meets employee Kyra he is attracted to her, but her behavior seems just off kilter making his suspect she might be the thief yet hoping she is not. As they fall in love, Kyra must choose between immortality and a life with Jake.

ALMOST A GODDESS is a fun romantic fantasy starring a likable demigoddess and a caring mortal. Each brings baggage to the craps table as both wonder whether they will shoot snake eyes or sevens when it comes to betting on the other. The interaction between Zeus and Kyra is priceless as Judi McCoy provides an amusing enchanting tale that will have readers pondering for love or immortality.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted May 25, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 26, 2006


21st-Century Kyra
Position Title -- Muse of Good Fortune
Evaluated by -- Mighty Zeus, President, CEO, Top God

Performance Assessment

Kyra's performance has, quite frankly, been a disappointment over these past one hundred years. Our Muse of Good Fortune, despite her exceptional charm and unearthly beauty, has been slacking off, getting by on her looks, wiles, and considerable sex appeal -- not to mention her privileged position as the daughter of Mighty Zeus Himself!

Performance Objectives

The best place on Earth for the Muse of Good Fortune to make a difference is . . . Las Vegas. Therefore Kyra is to spend one year at the famous Acropolis Casino, where she will inspire good fortune. During her sentence, she is forbidden from getting romantically involved with a mortal, and most especially not with Jake Lennox. This professional gambler-turned-investigator is too seductive and attractive for his own good. Besides, Jake has an agenda that may prove too dangerous for Kyra's soft heart. So, if she falls in love, all bets are off.


Almost a Goddess
by Judi McCoy

June 1, 2006
ISBN #0060774258
EAN #9780060774257
384 pages
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