"fabulous erotic Demon World tale"

In Midarri, Xishu Huon is a quarter-breed, which means she is considered inferior by the Yama as that 25 percent is the lowly human. She was Prince Corum's friend when he was a young boy, but exiled to an orphanage once her tainted blood became known and her skill to somehow caused Corum to feel emotions, a taboo amongst the Yama.

Years later Corum has not yet met his soulmate as his eyes remain non black; when the eyes turn, the Yama knows they have found their beloved. His royal parents worry for him so they encourage their offspring to accept a woman for his sexual pleasure and education. Corum has become known as the PRINCE OF ICE for obvious reasons, but he melts when he sees Xishu. As it becomes apparent that they are soulmates, adversaries continue Machiavellian plots to destroy the royals with Xishu their expendable pawn.

PRINCE OF ICE is a fabulous erotic Demon World tale (humans call the Yama demons) that grips readers once Xishi and Corum meet as young adults and never slows down (even for sexual encounters). Readers will enjoy this paranormal gender changing Roman Holiday with strong intrigue undercurrent as the Prince and the tainted commoner fall in love.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted November 5, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 25, 2006


A Tale of the Demon World

Humans like to call them demons, but the Yama are an old and civilized race, far too civilized to fraternize with lesser beings. It is only through subterfuge that a quarterhuman infant, one Xishi Huon, is raised side by side with the Midarri heir, whose own peculiarities make her his soulmate—at least until the whispers of their unnatural fondness get her banished to an orphanage.

Coming of age as a courtesan, Xishi excels in the erotic arts. But when Corum Midarri becomes her new owner, the relationship will test the limits of her gifts. Corum is the Prince of Ice now and not the sensitive boy she knew. If he succumbs to the temptations of her human touch, their love will defy every convention his kind holds dear. If he doesn't, his uncontrollable sexual needs might drive both insane.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Alternate Universe, Demons

Per the Author's Website:
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Prince of Ice
(Demon World: Book 3)
by Emma Holly

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
November 1, 2006
Available: November 7, 2006
ISBN #0425212599
EAN #9780425212592
320 pages
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