"Not for everyone, but EXCELLENT vampire story!"

BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER is not your average vampire novel. Ironically, I think it's a romance, because there are several romances happening between different characters. The story follows the lives of several people who pair off into couples and we follow their lives from there. We have the humans, vampires and the thralls (walking undead but rather than gross like zombies, are pretty much normal). Because there are so many active characters, I had a hard time following some of the dialogue, and did a fair share of re-reading paragraphs (or sometimes pages), to understand which character was talking. Add to that, the editing isn't the best.

This all being said, our main heroine is Amy Reilly. Like any unenlightened-human, she has her problems, only mostly hers are on an emotional level. She can't feel anything emotionally or physically; hence she is really into S&M. This all changes one night when she is left for dead in front of the hospital after visiting her favorite club.

Several months later, Amy is positive vampires are real and that someone will come after her. Her paranoia's become reality when one night her roommates Sophia and Diane, visit Victoria's Loft-an exclusive night club, and life as the three human women know it ends. On this same night, Amy is attacked in their apartment, shot and to stay alive she enthralls herself to Lorcan. Suddenly, Amy finds herself outside the "human rules" and in the middle of a vampire feud that started the previous November when she was attacked by a vampire but didn't die (remember, she was dumped at the hospital).

I have to say, I enjoyed BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER regardless of my confusion between characters and the bad editing job. The plot was very well thought out and the vampire history very fascinating to learn about. Vampires come from different families, and therefore they all have different traits and abilities. I found this very believable and it made for an interesting story.

There are some great one-liners in this story. I also really got a hoot out of Paul's perspective on the existence of vampires. There is a lot of interaction between the six main characters that really lets you get to know them as individuals. I think what impressed me the most with this story is how everything ties together at the end of the book. In the beginning of the story you have the lives of six individuals who are pretty much strangers. Yet through the manipulation of one goddess and as the story develops, they all have a connection to each other. I love how the family ties together and I found the title very appropriate: BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER.

If you are looking for something different, look no further! However, this isn't a story for everyone. This story contains a lot of subjects generally glassed over in books -- S&M, rape, murder, necessary violence/graphic physical abuse, some of the characters are practicing Wiccan's, etc. That being said, this story still isn't going to be for everyone. Yet at the same time, this isn't what the book is about so you really have to be open minded when reading the story.

I would have to say that if Quentin Tarantino wanted to turn a book into a movie, this would be an excellent choice. If you enjoyed the movie Pulp Fiction, and understand the violence of Reservoir Dogs, you would probably like BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER.

To those that are looking for something different, I definitly recommend this book. I'm really looking forward to the sequel!

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 23, 2005

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 22, 2006


Amy Reilly is pretty sure a vampire attacked her in November. She just doesn't know who saved her life that night or how. Her brother Paul got the crap scared out of him in December by a couple of very predatory guys. Jake Reilly is dying fast and facing the biggest decision of his life. Sophia just wants to meet the mystery man from her dreams. Marcie Reilly wants to have a healthy baby and understand why an ancient Celtic goddess has chosen her as a channeling conduit. At two thousand years old, Lorcan just wants the other bloodsuckers to leave him and his alone. His fairy godmother can stay out of their lives too. Alex is a vampire who truly believes the Blood in his veins entitles him to everything he can lay his hands on. His burned out thrall, Jessup, only wants to do one last thing and then he's free of the whole lot of them.

Their lives are about to come together in an explosion that will leave four of them married, three of them vampires, two of them thralls, two of them dead, one baby, the living believing in reincarnation and the agendas of ancient gods, the dead believing in the power of family, and a vampiric feud on their collective hands.

All's fun in love and war.

Reader Advisory

This book contains the following elements which may be considered unsuitable by some readers and literary purists: violence, graphic sex, erotic blood sucking, foul language, gore, angst, questions of morality, reincarnation, guns, S&M, family loyalty, pop culture references, the promotion of anarchy, metaphors, wiccans, druids, ancient Celtic goddesses, undead politics and etiquette, thralls, snappy banter and witty retorts, pregnancy & childbirth, bisexuality, talking dogs, car wrecks, torture, romance, sibling rivalry, psychic powers & scenery, and true love. And though promoted as a vampire novel, it may or may not contain vampires within the parameters of any one person's definition of the undead and/or bloodsucking leeches.

Pure pulp, read at your own risk.


Blood Is Thicker Than Water
(Reilly Vampire Chronicles: Book 1)
by Wynette A. Hoffman

Alien Perspective
October 1, 2002
ISBN #0972109803
EAN #9780972109802
360 pages
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