"Romantic science fiction at its best!"

For Anthropologist Dr. Tessa Bergin, getting to interact with an advanced civilization is a dream come true. However, halfway through their two-year space flight to PIM9162 the scientists discover that something happened to the vastly populated planet and upon arrival, it appears to be a crumbling civilization devoid of life.

Tessa has formed a friendship with Dr. Layleh Lehman, who is part of the first landing party. So, when the first landing party doesn't report and the captain is threatening to just leave them dead or worse, stranded on the planet, Tessa takes a shuttlecraft to try and rescue them. She finds that the planet isn't devoid of life and her life is in danger!

There are many things that I really like about WHEN NIGHT FALLS. The story is a little longer than one you would find in an anthology and I think it's well thought out and does not feel disjointed, something I find very common with short stories. I also really like the fact that our hero, Lucien, is very much an alien. I got a moment of laughter over the fact that he resembles a demon and Tessa is fairly certain that his people had visited Earth starting the Christian concept of the devil.

Because there is time travel involved in Tessa's journey to Lucien's home world, in actuality twenty or so years have passed since a plague destroyed his people. Meaning Lucien has been living alone. When he comes to the rescue of Tessa, Lucien does explain that the strongest male will keep her. He therefore takes certain efforts to protect her and keep her hidden by chaining her to the wall, so she can't reach the window. WHEN NIGHT FALLS is very sensuous and quite a turn on! There is mild bondage, because Tessa tries to escape and Lucien is trying to teach her a "lesson".

While I would have liked to have known more about the planet, Lucien, Tessa or had more information provided, time is elapsing during the story. For some reason, knowing time is passing and not just two days makes reading short stories better because it doesn't seem like they meet and then are in love. But I think what makes this story for me is Lucian takes her back to Earth. This event really has Tessa thinking and having to make the decision: Go back home to the known or jump into the unknown where there might be love.

My only real complaint is that the grammatical errors need editing. I read the electronic version, so I don't know if things were corrected in the paperback version. Regardless, I enjoyed WHEN NIGHT FALLS very much and can only hope that Layleh has her own story because she was rescued by Lucien's enemies the Anjels.

Posted December 12, 2005

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 22, 2006


By the time the scientific expedition from Earth reaches Nardyl, they find devastation instead of the advanced civilization they had expected—a world where the survivors now live, or die, by the sword. Tessa becomes the spoils of war—the female taken captive by the strongest male. From the moment she sees them, Tessa is certain this race of beings has visited Earth in the distant past. Not only do they bear an unnerving resemblance to ancient man’s concept of evil in fleshly form—Satan—but Lucien possesses the power to bend her completely to his will and ‘possess’ her with the carnal pleasure only he can give her—or withhold from her.


Rating: Contains violence, graphic sex and explicit language, mild BDSM and profanity.


When Night Falls
by Kaitlyn O'Connor

New Concepts Publishing
June 1, 2005
ISBN #1586086855
EAN #9781586086855
170 pages
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