"Very interesting futuristic read!"

In a not too distant future, Angel is a certified Retribution Specialist (CRS), which means that when the law fails to bring justice, the victims can hire a CRS to bring in the perpetrator of the crime to them to enact their own justice. When a closed case is reopened, Angel is again under investigation for "what happened" the night policeman Danny Black died. On top of dealing with this, her mother, Lola, gets kidnapped, and Angel knows that if she doesn't rescue Lola herself, she might die.

Because she has Detective Marco following her and questioning her movements -- from the past as well as during the events he witnesses personally, she starts finding things out about herself she really didn't want to know... like her exceptionally good luck. It may not be luck after all; the physic abilities Lola has may actually be genuine and she inherited them.

KISS OF THE BLUE DRAGON is the second story I've read by Julie Beard, and I actually like her writing style better here. The story is written in first person, which can drive readers batty (me too upon occasion); however, it works here. There is a different "feel" to KISS completely. For me, I can "hear" a narrator filling in the details of Angels' activities. So even though we, as a reader, only get to know her thoughts and impressions of what she sees, we still get to know what is going on around her. You get to know Angel, what motivates her and see how she thinks very well. I also really liked the fact that a lot of simple details of her life are included.

I will admit it was a close call as to whether I would like Angel or not. She almost doesn't seem feminine. However, if you read a little further into the book, you learn what her logic is, how she thinks but more importantly WHY. Angel is tough, spunky, kick-butt heroine and out to help those unable to help themselves. She is fearless and makes her decisions based on what is right rather than whether she will get hurt or not. Angel is one busy lady. She has cases that she maintains during the process of rescuing Lola and I liked the fact that Julie Beard didn't drop some of these issues, therefore the story stays three dimensional.

While the reopened investigation is secondary to what is going on in her life, it is what brings our hero and heroine together. I was happy with the chemistry between her and Detective Marco even if the bedroom scenes take place off of the books pages.

I like the fact that even though KISS is a science- fiction romance, the author doesn't go out of her way to create objects that will stump the reader, or throw off the flow of the novel. For an example: in a time where DNA left behind is what would keep you in jail, rather than using a hollow-tip bullet, a criminal would use a bullet filled with acid therefore destroying the evidence.

KISS is technically supposed to be a romance, but with the way this story ends, we don't have our heroine hooking up with the hero. Because Lola was kidnapped by one of the Chicago mobs there are still some unresolved issues that its sequel might wrap up. Regardless, I didn't feel like major details were left out or the story wasn't well developed. As a reader I didn't find myself wondering, "what just happened"?

I found KISS OF THE BLUE DRAGON very interesting, and look forward to reading the further adventures of Angel in its sequel TOUCH OF THE WHITE TIGER. So, if you are looking for something a little different, check out this story!

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted October 21, 2005

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 22, 2006


Angel Baker isn't your ordinary twenty-second-century gal. Just ask Mom.

Instead of joining the family fortune-telling business, Angel's busy saving the world. And dating? Why bother when she's got Humphrey Bogart, her sweet-talking robot.

Welcome to Chicago circa 2100. The legal system is in shambles, robots are a woman's best friend, and kung fu fighting Retribution Specialists like Angel bring justice to criminals who've slipped through the cracks.

So when dear old Mom is kidnapped, it's up to Angel to save her. But when her search leads her into a bizarre underworld where human life is measured in dollars, she'll be put to the ultimate test forced to use her hidden psychic powers and rely on the help of a stubborn detective who has her reconsidering falling for a living, breathing man.


Kiss Of The Blue Dragon
(#5 - Miniseries: An Angel Baker Novel)
by Julie Beard

August 1, 2004
ISBN #0373513194
EAN #9780373513192
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