"Another Mallory gem!!"

What a fun read! Tess Mallory is a super talent, and really has a knack for doing Time Travel with such fun. The third in a series of "Highland" tales, Highland Dream (Dorchester March 2001) and Highland Fling (Dorchester March 2003), Highland Magic is the last in the Time Travel Trilogy. Jix and Jamie Macgregor -- the time traveling lovers from the first book -- are coming to pay a visit to Dr. Samantha Riley in Houston present day.

Samantha is at odds with her father. Retired Air Force Colonel Patrick Riley (Pat Riley??? lol) wants his daughter to marry Duncan Campbell. But Sam is not thrilled with the idea. The only thing more heated than the air around these two when they get in the same room, is the arguments they continually end up in. Sam is dating a rich boy -- Luke Carter III -- and Riley remarks he hopes the last!! He is afraid the rich lad will break his daughter's heart. Sam is resistant to daddy dearest telling her whom to date, after all she's twenty-eight- years-old. Since Sam almost married a scam artist out to get his hands on her trust fund, daddy doesn't trust his daughter's ability to find the right man. Only Jix's intervention saved Sam from making this mistake. Four years ago, Jix had a clairvoyant dream in which she saw Sam making the horrible mistake. To prevent that, she kidnapped Sam and spirited her to Scotland to stop her. Only Sam never told her father Jix just didn't kidnap her, but with the help of the green crystal in Jamie's sword, they actually traveled back in time.

Sam would like to think it was a crazy dream, but since Griffin Campbell has married Jix's friend Chelsea and they were now in the present, too, it was hard to deny she had actually traveled time. Harder to deny Duncan Campbell -- Griffin's cousin. Duncan was living, breathing proof that people could travel through time. Duncan had acquired a strange sickness connected to him trying to get back to his time, and Sam had spent six month trying to save him.

Sam would like to forget about Duncan and the time travel experience. However, when lightning strikes the ancient crystals at Jacob's well, the energy ricochets Sam and Duncan back to his time. And then the fun begins. Sam is mistaken for a Faery Queen! She claims Duncan as her consort and delights in ordering him around. However, as things progress Sam learns Duncan has been summoned back to save the Princess Talamar? Also, there is an evil plot to destroy all the time traveling lovers. Does Duncan love the princess? Will they save the princess? Will they find love everlasting -- and should they shop for a neat four-story castle or an apartment in Houston?

Mallory's writing is fast-paced, making this one fun read from start to finish. I highly recommend all three "Highland" Time-Traveling tales by Mallory.

Revi Posted July 23, 2005

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted November 22, 2006


The only thing more heated than Dr. Samantha Riley's arguments with time-traveler Duncan Campbell is the one passionate night they shared, a night Sam longs to forget. But when lightning strikes the time crystals at Jacob's Well, she ends up trapped in ancient Scotland with the irritating and irresistible Scotsman. Mistaken for the Queen of the Fairies, Sam claims Duncan as her consort, and delights in ordering him around..until she learns he is there to save a Scottish princess. If he is, why does he take Sam in his arms nightly, stealing kisses and caresses, before turning away with a groan? The whole tangle makes her head and heart ache.


Highland Magic
(Highland Dream series: Book 3)
by Tess Mallory

Love Spell
July 1, 2005
ISBN #0505526247
EAN #9780505526243
368 pages
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