"An excellent anthology!"

Good anthologies are always my cup of tea and this one is excellent. All three stories just tickled my funny bone!

Cuffs and Coffee Breaks by MaryJanice Davidson showcases her typical offbeat humor when Julie Kay About finally accepts a date from a fellow writer she's never met at the Greeting Card Company where she works. What she doesn't expect to find is him accused of murdering their waiter before she arrives at the restaurant. Should she believe him or is this the blind date from hell?

A No Drama Valentine's by Leslie Esdaile shows us what happens when your three best friends fail to show up for a celebratory 'I don't need a man' Valentine's Party. Poor Jocelyn Jefferson's ideal evening turns out to be a nightmare when she is arrested for having an out of control party at her apartment. What's a girl to do especially when the cop who comes to the apartment is a hunk!

Valentine Survivor by Susanna Carr tells us the story of Shanna Murphy who thinks Valentine's Day is all about romance. She even fixes up the perfect Valentine's just for her but things have a way of going horribly wrong. Then her boss-from-Hades is murdered after she and Shanna have heated words. Yikes! Can her ex-boyfriend Calder Smith help her and is he still willing?

What a great anthology with three terrific authors! I enjoyed every story and look forward to more Wicked Women anthologies!

Reviewed by Kathy Boswell
Posted February 21, 2006

reviewed for original release: Kensington Publishing (Brava) / January 1, 2006 - ISBN #0758212844

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 21, 2006


Lost roses. Cancelled reservations. Broken dates. Arrests. Dead bodies. There's always some reason to hate Valentine's Day...unless the scene of the crime starts really heating up.... Maryjanice Davidson Cuffs and Coffee Breaks In a moment of weakness, greeting card writer Julie Kay About accepts a blind date for Valentine's Day. As if the restaurant's snotty waiter, cheap chocolates, and pastel-colored teddy bears aren't enough, her date turns out to be the guy in handcuffs next to the dead body on the floor. At least he didn't stand her up. How could a guy with beautiful, sky- blue eyes and sexy swimmer's shoulders be a killer? Julie Kay is not about to have another horrible V-Day, even if she has to solve a murder and get her possibly homicidal date arraigned to do it...

Leslie Esdaile A "No Drama" Valentine's Jocelyn Jefferson is one sister who is not falling for any romance drama—no pining over flowers never sent or bling not gotten. No, this year, Jocelyn's getting her best girlfriends together for a "pamper" party at her house. Except that the "pampering" turns out to be from a dubious sex toy company. Soon, there's a whole crew of rowdy, enthusiastic people in Jocelyn's apartment. And that's when vice detective Raymond Mayfield shows up at her door, all six- four, hard-bodied bit of him, and he needs Jocelyn for some very private questioning...

Susanna Carr Valentine Survivor This Valentine's Day was supposed to be different for Shanna Murphy. She had a hot date, sought-after dinner reservations, and a brand new vase to show off those potential long-stemmed roses. But Murphy's Law intervened, and now her date cancelled, she's stuck doing overtime, and she's just discovered the body of her boss-from-hell. The only person Shanna can turn to is her ex-boyfriend, Calder Smith, who just happens to be the most insensitive, non-romantic, domineering—and completely irresistible—alpha male she's ever laid eyes on...

These bad boys are bringing a whole lot more than chocolates...


Valentine's Day Is Killing Me
by Leslie Esdaile, MaryJanice Davidson, Susanna Carr

Kensington Publishing (Brava)
January 1, 2006
Available: January 1, 2006
ISBN #0758212852
EAN #9780758212856
Paperback (reprint)
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