"a likable paranormal series with battle between good and evil"

This is the third in the Coven of the Wolf Series where the paranormal exists covertly amongst us. The hierarchy is a little different from most paranormal type novels, but the battle between good and evil still exists.

Igor "Gor" Petrov is a shapeshifter, one of dwindling species. Igor and his brother Boris are twins and work for Morgan Inc, the largest, most powerful Coven in the Mid Western States, as security specialists. After losing the woman he wants to another man (in Moon Magick, book 2 of the series) he retreats to a small rural Tennessee town to lick his proverbial wounds.

During a midnight wilderness run he finds a cultivated boxwood labyrinth and at the center of the labyrinth, he finds Selena Jones. Selena is a very talented shaman, and is recovering from a terrifying experience after being kidnapped by madman. Gor, able to read her fear of men appears to her is his wolfhound form in order to get closer to her.

As soon as Gor sees Selena he knows she is his mate, but how to convince her to accept him after her abuse at the hands of another man. When June, a Seer who is both friend and coworker, tells Selena that a gentle Golden Man will protect her from the dark man, and that the golden man is indeed her fated mate. Selena knows she has to find a way to overcome her fear of males. Will Gor's gentle ways and patience be enough to win her?

After an attempt is made to abduct Selena by the man who had previously kidnapped her, June sees more trouble coming, Gor calls his brother Boris to assist him in protecting Selena. When Boris arrives and meets the local Sheriff Debby Teague, June's daughter, sparks fly as he realizes he too has met his mate but she steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the paranormal power her mother and Selena hold or any possibility of things that go bump in the night.

When Selena is forcibly abducted, the battle kicks into high gear and Debbie must acknowledge her preternatural power if there is to be any chance to saving Selena, Gor and Boris. Will love win out or will fear let the bad guys win.

Rae Morgan has created a likable set of continuing characters and paranormal situations. The series is best read in order, but even as a stand alone the book is highly entertaining.

Courtesy: Eternal Night
Posted February 12, 2006

Reviewed by Leola Brooks
Posted November 21, 2006


Shape shifter Igor Petrov flees to the mountains of eastern Tennessee to lick his emotional wounds after losing the woman he cared for to another man. In the untamed wilderness, he finds more than he bargained for - - he finds Selena Jones.

Selena, a talented shaman, moves to Bear Hollow, Tennessee to heal and put her life back together after a terrifying experience with a mad man. She isn't ready for an alpha-male like Igor to enter her life, but finds herself turning to him when the evil in her past strikes again.

Boris Petrov arrives in the Smokies to help his brother protect Selena and finds the woman destined to be his mate - - except she wants nothing to do with him - - or magick.

Two men. Two women. Fated mates. Evil, fear and confusion block the path to their futures. Will love conquer all?


Treading the Labyrinth
(Coven of the Wolf Series: Book 3)
by Rae Morgan

Liquid Silver Books
February 1, 2005
ISBN #1595780920
EAN #9781595780928
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