"totally delightful new series of lives and loves of the Kendrian"

A Taste of Passion is the first novel set in the sensuous, powerful world of the Vampiric race of the Kendrian's. Ms. Michelle has created a world for her Kendrian's with their own hierarchy, laws, and enforcers. A world peopled by both the honorable and dishonorable, determined to co-exist with humans and to live full productive lives abiding by the laws of the Clans. The Kendrian rulers acknowledge that with preternatural abilities come with increased responsibilities and those abilities require policing by their own kind.

Rana Sterling has always live life vicariously through her gregarious Grandfather Jack, and feels cast adrift when he dies suddenly. In an effort to reconnect herself she takes the beautiful 'Vette he left her for a drive in the country, coming across a small antique shop. Inside she finds a silver ring with two blood red stones that seems to smell of lavender and once on her finger, feels like it belongs there.

A chance meeting at the entrance to the cemetery; sensuous, erotic dreams of a compelling man with silver blue eyes, and the shock of that same man walking into her book store sends her fantasies into overdrive.

Lucian Travern will be VitÚ, ruler of the Kendrian's, the vampire clans that dwell inconspicuously among us. As head of Clan Kantres, Lucian, is supposed to become VitÚ in three days, but since his human fiancÚ died more than 90 years ago he has found solace in the belief of reincarnation and has no desire to take his place as VitÚ without her at his side.

When he accidentally meets Rana during a visit to his dead fiancÚ's grave, he senses something special about her and upon further investigation, becomes more and more enamored of Rana and set upon making her his mate.

When Rana is severely injured during a confrontation with a vampire from another clan who has been disregarding the very laws of the clans that Lucian will be responsible for upholding, Rana is forced to make some difficult decisions. Will Lucian's ascension to VitÚ protect or harm her? Can she deny the Clans a just and fair leader, a protector and defender of the Kendrian race by refusing to marry Lucien, for reasons she can't even share with him? Will Rana's refusal to marry him force him to reconsider taking his rightful place as Leader of the Kendrians? A fast paced novel of irony and humour filled with sweet, sensuous characters in the thoroughly defined world of the Kendrian race. A totally delightful new series of the promising many sensuous journeys into the lives and loves of the Kendrian race.

Courtesy: Eternal Night
Posted February 12, 2006

Reviewed by Leola Brooks
Posted November 21, 2006


Rana Sterling finally finds the man of her dreams and BOY does he know how to push all the right buttons. Only, Mr. Tall, Dark and Too-Good-to-Be-True turns out to be just that; he's a real live, fanged vampire!

Lucian Trevane has a duty to fulfill. He's expected to take the role of VitÚ, leader of the vampires in three days. But he knows he won't take the position without his wife by his side. Now, after seventy years of searching for his reincarnated fiancÚ, he finally finds the woman of his dreams in Rana Sterling. Rana may respond to his lovemaking, but she refuses to become his vampire wife. As if their lives aren't complicated enough, throw in a vengeful vampire, a surprise twist, and the fact Rana and Lucian can't deny the strong attraction that exists between them and you've just stepped into A TASTE OF PASSION.

Sexual Content: Hard R. Genre: Vampire.

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A Taste for Passion
(Kendrian Vampires: Book 1)
by Patrice Michelle

Ellora's Cave
June 1, 2003
ISBN #1843605058
EAN #9781843605058
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