"a delightful read with some very funny and very sexy scenes"

Blue Moon is the first in Lori Handeland's Moon Series and it's a winner.

Officer Jesse McQuade is wickedly sarcastic kick ass cop in the rural Wisconsin town of Miniwa and something is very unusual is happening. During the investigation of what seems like a routine accident involving a vehicle and an animal, Jesse encounters a gorgeous naked man when she tracks the wounded animal. Professor Will Cadotte is a simply exquisite specimen and the first man to ever distract Jesse from her job.

As very dead bodies and evidence disappear into thin air, Jesse begins to wonder if Cadotte is indeed what he seems. The sexual tension builds steadily as Jesse and Cadotte must each deal with their own feelings of personal inadequacies in context to their growing attraction to each other and also trying to figure out what the increasingly unexplainable events are leading up to.

With Cadotte's expertise in Native legends and Totems, the picture that's starting to come together is chilling and the number of people Jesse can trust is growing steadily smaller, leaving her unsure of anything but her growing feelings for Cadotte. If Jesse's conclusions are right, then the only explanation left is that something paranormal is happening, something big and its set to happen on the night of the Blue Moon, something that just may include werewolves and dead gods.

This novel is a delight to read, Jesse's wickedly sarcastic quips and Cadotte's patient strength create some very funny scenes and some very sexy ones. Well worth reading and this is only the first in the series.

Courtesy: Eternal Night
Posted February 12, 2006

Reviewed by Leola Brooks
Posted November 21, 2006


A Nightcreature Novel

By the light of a blue moon, danger prowls—

Miniwa, Wisconsin is under siege, but not by the usual summer tourists. The area's normally shy wolf population has begun stalking human prey, and their victims have been disappearing... or worse. Something is happening in the woods. Something brutal and primitive...

and desire is unleashed...

Officer Jessie McQuade has seen plenty in her years on the force—but nothing as intriguing as the gorgeous, naked man she encounters while tracking a rogue wolf. Professor Will Cadotte is a Native American activist. He's also the only man capable of distracting Jessie from her work. And for a cop, distraction—no matter how pleasurable—can be deadly. It's against Jessie's better judgment to accept Will's help in her investigation, yet she soon finds herself doing exactly that—and more. Will's dark, penetrating eyes see into a part of Jessie's soul she never knew existed. It's exhilarating...and terrifying.

Now, as a town's deepest secrets come to light, no one is safe: not friends, lovers, or strangers. And as Jessie follows a bloody trail to the shocking truth, she'll have to decide who she can trust when the moon is full...


Blue Moon
(Nightcreature: Book 1)
by Lori Handeland

St. Martin's Press
October 1, 2004
Available: October 5, 2004
ISBN #0312991347
EAN #9780312991340
352 pages
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