"Great story with a twist on the Alien abduction Theme!"

If you decide to read FORCED MATE, get ready to have your nose glued to the pages for a little while, as I couldn't put this story down!

Prince Tarrant-Aragon is the god-Emperor of Tigron, equating to the entire galaxy. (Yes, this means he rules us too, we just don't know it!) No one tells him no. So, when he discovers the only woman who could even possibly be his Queen, hidden away on the little planet of Earth, he goes to get her. The only problem is that his perfect mate has been raised to pray for his demise and even worse trained to be able to kill him should she have the opportunity or kill herself if she fails. The solution -- make Djinni fall in love with him, before she finds out who he really is!

Djinni is automatically wary of the man who shows up at her doorstep and claims to be a member of the Saurian Knights. However, when he is able to perform the secret handshake, she ignores her instincts, and gets into his limo to perform the final test, the toast to Tarrant- Arragons death. If only the man hadn't made her heartbeat accelerate or have sex on the brain when she tried to eavesdrop, she might have been able to prevent herself from getting kidnapped! Now, she only has to escape before her future husband, JJ, finds out she was ruined by an An'Koori!

Rowena Beaumont Cherry has written a fascinating romance that blends some of our current "Earth" history with customs from all over the galaxy. I especially enjoyed the misunderstanding that Tarrant let Djinni maintain regarding sex. Then there is Madam Tarra, a fortuneteller who lives on the Pleasure Moon of Eurydyce, a very important secondary character that I really thought intriguing!

While I truly felt sorry for Djinni as she kept trying to escape and find ways to thwart her unknown kidnapper, (who she named Tigger) I thought she was quite resourceful, too. I also really enjoyed the fact that she wasn't going through shock of getting kidnapped by aliens, because she was one herself. It was a neat twist on the alien abduction theme.

"Tigger" on the other hand... he had me cracking up. Add the typical male arrogance to the "God-Emperor" title...he was SO doomed because he (justifiably) wasn't being honest with Djinni about who he was. I loved reading about how Tarrant had to learn everything the hard way. Just because he had so much power and was used to everyone jumping when he said jump he was out of his league with Djinni. She thought he was a nobody, and therefore beneath her; it was so funny! I think it was a very humbling (and needed) experience for him.

Then we add the mix of the unknown enemy -- the Saurian Knights and Djinni's fiancÚ JJ that Tarrant is chomping at the bit to figure out who is. FORCED MATE has a little bit of everything: lots of action, deception and forgiveness, plenty of sexual tension and different alien cultures to contemplate. This was such a fun book to read that I highly recommend!

Posted August 18, 2004

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 21, 2006



By all the Lechers of Antiquity, what was a god-Emperor to do when his chosen mate was caught on tape speculating that he was a brute and a bore in bed? Renowned for his sexual prowess all over the galaxy, Prine Tarrant-Arragon had a reputation for depravity to keep up, even if the the reality was a far different story. His personal inclination would be to woo his intended with charm and wit, but politics and Tigron tradition called for abduction followed by swift consummation. Embarking on a skilled seduction with as many moves as an interstellar chess match, Tarrant-Arragon felt confident in his ability to take his queen. But he hadn't counted on the unpredictability of his little Earthling or the startling fact that she would make a pawn of his own heart.


Forced Mate
(The Gods of Tigron: Book 1)
by Rowena Cherry

November 1, 2004
ISBN #0505526018
EAN #9780505526014
Paperback (reprint)
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