"Hilarious, heart-warming story!"

Just when she thinks things can't get much worse and she's about ready to go out with her fiancé for New Year's Eve, Brenda gets dumped by Mr. Perfect. At least that's how she refers to him, Larry is always perfect—the perfect clothes, perfect hairstyle, perfect car. Since her roommate is having one of her parties, Brenda decides to get drunk since she no longer has anything else to do. Imagine her surprise when she wakes up the morning, naked, next to a very handsome naked man! Of course, she can't seem to remember the sex though. After he leaves, Brenda decides to do some soul searching and decides to go lingerie shopping. So she goes into one of the more expensive boutiques and the next thing you know, Brenda is hooked on expensive lingerie. While going to the store one day, Brenda almost gets run over. The driver turns out to be none other than the naked man she woke up next to New Year's Day. They decide to go on a date.

While all this is happening, Brenda's brother comes home with one of his friends. It turns out his wife threw him out when he got laid off. Now, all she wants is his money. So he turns to Mom, who takes him and his friend in. Well imagine everyone's surprise when Mom is sleeping with her brother's friend! The man is her brother's age and he's become her mother's new boy-toy!

Will Brenda be able to maintain the persona of the lingerie addict and all around wild and crazy woman? What will happen to her budding relationship with Nick, the stud from New Year's Eve? And don't forget Brenda's brother, will he ever find happiness? And then there's also Mom, what will happen when both Brenda and her brother won't speak to the poor woman?

CONFESSIONS OF A LINGERIE ADDICT is a wildly funny and hilarious story. Jennifer Ashley has done a wonderful job of portraying Brenda with all her hang ups and doubts. We get to ride along with Brenda as she becomes the woman she was meant to be. Of course, there are a few spills and bumps in the road on the way there, from having to go to Mexico with her ex-fiancé, Mr. Perfect, to bail her brother and roommate out of jail, to just starting to get intimate with her date on her mother's boat when her brother comes in and breaks everything up. This is really a funny story and I laughed out loud while reading it. I have to admit, my favorite part was Easter dinner on the boat. This is one I highly recommend to anyone needing a laugh in their life.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 21, 2006


The fixation began on New Year's Day: Silky, expensive slips from New York and Italy. Camisoles and thongs from Beverly Hills. Before, Brenda Scott would have blushed to be caught dead in them. Now, she'd ditched the shy and mousy persona that had gotten her dumped by her rich and perfect fiancé, and she was sexy. Underneath her sensible clothes, Brenda was the woman she wanted to be. After all, why couldn't she be wild and crazy? Nick, the sexy stranger she'd met on New Year's, already seemed to think she was. Of course, he didn't know the old Brenda. How long before Nick stripped it all away and found the truth beneath? And would that be a bad thing?


Confessions Of A Lingerie Addict
by Jennifer Ashley

Love Spell
June 1, 2005
Available: May 31, 2005
ISBN #0505526360
EAN #9780505526366
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