"Viking Tale of love and adventure"

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be living in the times when the Viking's roamed the land? I was given an exciting glimpse into this wonderful era in Josie Litton's double issue book DREAM OF ME / BELIEVE IN ME.

In DREAM OF ME, the powerful Viking warrior Wolf Hakonson kidnaps the fair Lady Cymbra off of her own castle balcony, thinking she scorned his proposal of an arranged marriage. Wolf wants revenge and intends to force Cymbra to marry him. Although Wolf and Cymbra fall deeply in love, Wolf knows he must contact his powerful brother-in-law, Lord Hawk and face a standoff with him. Cymbra, who is a gifted healer, finds her true place to be with Wolf, but is torn between the love of her husband and her brother. This book is a wonderful blend of adventure, romance, intrigue, mystery, sacrifice, divided loyalties, and love prevailing all in one.

In BELIEVE IN ME , Lord Hawk agrees to an arranged marriage by his Saxon King Alfred, trying to form a stronger ally with the Danes and thereby strengthening the unity between the two. Lady Krysta arrives in disguise along with two special friends, hoping to find out more about her intended husband. Hawk is drawn to Lady Krysta's "maid" and has a few sleepless nights over it until he learns of her true identity. Although both love each other, Krysta has a special gift and does not feel she can marry her Hawk, afraid their marriage will come to ruin. Lord Hawk sweeps his betrothed of to court to meet the King and Queen and to win her consent to marry. What follows is more intrigue and murder at the king's court, and a merry chase as Hawk tries and does convince his love to marry him. The Lord and Lady return home happily married, only to face more hidden dangers they must overcome before they can be truly happy.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this two in one book! The pacing was very smooth, while the storyline was believable and very entertaining. There was plenty of action throughout to keep it exciting and enough romance to satisfy any reader. I will not hesitate to buy the third book in this trio coming out November 2001, COME BACK TO ME, as it tells the story of Wolf's brother Dragon. I know you will enjoy these books as much as I did! Josie Litton is an author I will definitely look for again!

Carol Wilson Copyright November 2001

Reviewed by Carol Wilson Carbaugh
Posted November 11, 2001


Dream Of Me/Believe In Me
by Josie Litton

October 2, 2001
ISBN #0553584367
832 pages
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