"Spectacular paranormal action adventure with a mystery"

As a young girl, Cidra Faulkner was the only member of her family to escape when her family was massacred. Now, many years later she has been trained in the forbidden arts of a Kin-Sha warrior and her mentor has summoned Grey Stone to help her find the truth behind her families' murder.

Grey Stone is an intergalactic treasure hunter. When his old teacher and mentor sends him a cryptic message, he drops everything, only to arrive after the old mans death. While he is the best at finding lost and forgotten relics, nothing has prepared him for taking on Cidra, a woman with a death warrant attached to her name.

Just as suddenly as the two are thrown together, they are sent on a mission that will either kill them or absolve Cidra's family of a crime they didn't commit as well as save a planet from a plague that is more than anyone originally thought.

Hold onto your space helmet, you will need the oxygen it provides to read UNCHAINED. Cidra's story is very fast paced and the mystery had me holding my breath quite a bit as I anxiously tried to read faster to find out what would happen next.

Cidras' father was in charge of delivering a shipment of a much needed vaccination that was never delivered. While many years have passed, our hero and heroine currently have a space chart, a video-copy of the shipment blowing up as well as a vial from the lost shipment. Now it is up to our couple to find out what happened to the shipment and along the way convince the "bad guys" that they have been told lies all these years.

CJ Barry has done a wonderful job writing UNCHAINED. The story is fast paced, and flows from one event into the next seamlessly. While this didn't bother me in the least I thought I'd mention that the romance between our couple is secondary to the action adventure-mystery that they are trying to unravel in the story. I think it's a testament to CJ Barry's writing ability that she has also allowed Grey and Cidra the time to form any kind of attachment.

Cidra and Grey are forced to rely on each other and I would say that their relationship forms out of admiration for each others abilities. Cidra had been protected by their mentor and while strong in mind and body she is unaware of the real world. Grey has acquired the cynicism of one disillusioned with life as he is betrayed by associates in his profession. So Cidra gave Grey a fresh view of life. Both are strong and determined and I liked them both.

CJ Barry has become one of my favorite authors, and while UNCHAINED is not part of her "UN" series, it is not a book to be missed!

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted July 20, 2006

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 20, 2006


Also in electronic format (Dec. 2002) - ISBN: 1586080628

She'll risk everything to clear her family's name -- including everything he has.

Cidra Faulkner saw her family murdered and her people condemned for a crime they didn't commit. Now a skilled Kin- Sha warrior, she vows to track down the true culprit and exact justice, both for her family and all the Kin-Sha.

Intergalactic treasure hunter Grey Stone had no intention of helping Cidra until his old mentor tricked him into it. Now he's trapped into helping the daughter of the man who brought about the downfall of his people -- a woman whose very presence jeopardizes all he's worked for.

But honor won't let him say no. And love won't let him turn back.


by C. J. Barry

New Concepts Publishing
January 1, 2005
Available: January 15, 2005
ISBN #1586086839
EAN #9781586086831
222 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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