"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas..."

Pamela Gray runs a very successful interior design firm in Colorado. So when fantasy writer ED Faust asks her to do the decorating for his new vacation house in Las Vegas, she jumps at the opportunity. Discovering the man wants her to model his house after Caesars' Palace will be a challenge; but trying to figure out how to change his mind on the grotesque animated water fountain of Bacchus is imperative!

Apollo has felt all out of sorts ever since his encounter with the mortal Caroline from the Kingdom of Tulsa. His twin Artemis, trying to get him out of his funk, takes him through the newly opened portal to the kingdom of Las Vegas. What should be an enjoyable experience walking amongst mortals turns into a fiasco when Bacchus has several visiting nymphs perform an ancient invocation that actually works! One of the mortals watching the "show" accidentally completes the ritual binding Artemis to her.

Much to the chagrin of Artemis, completing Pamelas' hearts desire isn't as easy as she would like. That, and the interest Apollo has in Pamela is more than just lust...

I have to say, PC Cast is one of my favorite authors! While she is following the "Goddess" theme, I really feel like each of the stories is very unique and different. The ending of GODDESS OF LIGHT totally caught me off guard and actually worked for me. I also just want to add that never having been to Vegas, I can only imagine, but I really liked the visual description of the Bellagio fountains.

Pamela has been seriously hurt by her failed marriage. For this reason, she has dedicated herself to work, shutting men out of her life in regards to dating and romance. While Apollo is very charming, their relationship does seem a tad rushed, but magic is involved and he really is a God among men. (sigh!) So all and all, what should be a weekend fling turns into much more when the twins become mortal for a week.

The relationship between siblings is a tad obsessive, but I enjoyed watching Artemis grow as an individual to where she finally understands what her brother wants: True Love. She goes from being self-absorbed to willing to help totally touched my heart.

While there really isn't your traditional "villain", Bacchus, the troublesome, fun loving god of wine is both the cause for Pamela and Apollo meeting and the trouble between the gods. He is a petulant child that doesn't want to share (his "kingdom" of Las Vegas) and as a result, we have a very amazing story. In the end, I think I really just feel sorry for him.

I'm sorry for being cryptic here, but this is a story well worth the read and I recommend GODDESS OF LIGHT.

Posted September 20, 2005

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 20, 2006


Being a Goddess has its perks...

When hardworking Pamela Smythe whispers her wish for a god-like man, she never expects to find one, especially not in Vegas. But the goddess Artemis has dared her twin handsome brother Apollo to change all that.


Goddess of Light
(Goddess Summoning series: Book 4)
by P. C. Cast

Berkley Pub Group
September 1, 2005
ISBN #0425201961
EAN #9780425201961
352 pages
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