"Second book in the series & absolutely riveting!"

Sophia has left Fyne Mountain to rescue her daughter. This starts a chain of events that brings Emperor Sebestyen's men to the mountain. With their home burned, Juliet and Isadora are taken as captives to the Emperors' city of Arthes.

Juliet, whose gift is 'sight', generally cannot see her own future. When Juliet is rescued (or kidnapped) from her military captors by a wild man, she doesn't know what to do; she just has the burning need to escape to return and save Isadora. However the farther North she travels Juliet is convinced Ryn, her rescuer, must be delusional because he is adamant she is his mate! Regardless, she is not afraid of him, just the reoccurring nightmares that leave her terrified of intimacy with the man she is growing more attracted to.

Ryn is of the mysterious Anwyn, a race of people with the ability to shape shift. He is very demanding and yet exceedingly gentle when it comes to Juliet and I really liked watching the relationship develop between the two. As far as I'm concerned, the beliefs of the Anwyn are a little antiquated, so I think Juliet is perfect for him, mostly because she is more than she seems. Can't give you more details, I might spoil something!

Linda Winstead Jones has done it again. I really cannot believe how sucked into THE MOON WITCH I was. The chain of events surrounding the three sisters' lives is hurtling forward and I feel like I devoured this book with my need to know what would happen next. I was continually surprised, and the series is only getting better. Sophia's story, THE SUN WITCH was great, but not as complicated and therefore I think, as a reader, if the stories are read out of order, could be an undeserved let down.

What I like best about Linda Winstead Jones writing is that in this trilogy, you are finding out about the world around Julia and nothing is neglected. Throughout the stories, there is also the saga of the cruel Emperor Sebestyen who is at war with his older (illegitimate) brother-who claims to be the true heir to the throne of Columbyana. Sebestyen has married his mistress, Liane making her Empress so that his child will be born legitimate. As a reader you are also following what happens to her sisters -- Isadora, who is taken to the Emperor's palace and Sophia, who has married a rebel fighting against Sebestyen. THE MOON WITCH is more like chapters taken out of a bigger book as well as its own story; you just learn the most about Juliet because now it is her turn to fall in love and complete her part of the solution to breaking the curse.

I whole-heartedly recommend reading this series! Sophia's story: THE SUN WITCH, Juliet's story: THE MOON WITCH, Isadora's story: THE STAR WITCH

Posted February 11, 2006

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 20, 2006


She thought love was beyond her reach...then he touched her

Middle Fyne sister Juliet is kidnapped by the Emperor's men—only to be rescued by a man whose animal instincts tell him he's found the only woman to call his own.


The Moon Witch
(Fyne Witch: Book 2)
by Linda Winstead Jones

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
May 1, 2005
Available: May 3, 2005
ISBN #0425201295
EAN #9780425201299
336 pages
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