"Bangs weaves demonic magic"

Nina Bangs is back with her second tale in the Wicked series, and it's wicked fun from start to finish. The premise is three brothers own the Castle of Dark Dreams. Sort of a sexual Fantasy Island in an amusement park, but without the annoying midget screaming, "Da Plane! Da Plane!" This brother, Brynn McNair, must contend with Kim Vaughn. And sparks do fly.

Poor Brynn, for five centuries he's a been a sex slave (pity that). No matter who the woman is, when he's alone with her, he wants to get down to the bare necessities and do the wild thang. The piteous lad has been playing super stud for women who love his sexy body, but don't look beyond, and it's all a tad bit tedious. What is worse, while he pleasures his current lady, he gains no satisfaction. Guess he's been listening to that old Stones tune..."I can't get no..." This makes our lad a wee bit testy, as you can imagine. I mean, five hundred years and not once? Poor chap! Only, while the spirit refuses, the body is able...more than able. Any female, even sagging granny (oooHHH don't go there!!) can have her wicked way with him.

Kim is the black sheep in her family, and has rebelled against the family tradition of being demon-hunters. She's refused to follow in the family trade, and instead has becoming an architect. She worships at the idol of suburban soccer mums. Only, it is hard to lead an ordinary life when you own a demon-detector, basically a cell phone that comes with more than any Verizon blower promises. The family dismissed it as no good, but Kim loved the personality- riddled IA talkie, despite is demon-alert- warning going off at the most inconvenient times. Since Kim has been hired to make additions to Castle of Dark Dreams, you know she is going to run afoul of Brynn and he is going to want to bring her a higher love...uh hun...

Bangs once again pens a side-splitting, sexy tale that dazzles and delights and leaves you hungry for the third installment.

Posted June 25, 2006

Review for original Berkley Pub Group / June 6, 2006 release - ISBN #0425203719

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted November 20, 2006


A man who can't say no meets a woman who won't say yes...


Brynn McNair has spent the last five hundred years of his existence offering his body to any woman who desires him. The evil entity that created him has made sure that if he tries to resist the compulsion to play love slave, he suffers. So itís no wonder that he thinks of women as his enemy. Until he meets Kimberly Vaughn.


Kim Vaughn is a demon hunter. Itís a family business and her destiny. But Kim is all about avoiding her destiny. She wants to marry an ordinary guy, have ordinary kids, live in an ordinary house, and work as an architect. No way does she want anything to do with a man who has paranormal connections. Until she meets Brynn McNair.

Kim comes to the Castle of Dark Dreams, the main attraction in a sexy theme park, to plan a few upgrades. She stays to join forces with Brynn and save Galveston from a supernatural takeover. Can a woman who wants to marry Mr. Ordinary and a man who thinks of love as sleeping with the enemy find happiness together? Youíd be surprised.

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Wicked Pleasure
(The Castle of Dark Dreams Trilogy: Book 2)
by Nina Bangs

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
February 1, 2007
Available: February 6, 2007
ISBN #0425203727
EAN #9780425203729
320 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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