"an excellent anthology for lovers of erotic shapeshifter romance"

In FOXFIRE by Margaret Carter, Tabitha is a writer by choice and a reluctant empath who, in order to preserve her sanity, has taken up residence in the wooded isolation of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a cabin left to her by her late, kindred spirit grandmother.

When Chloe, Tabitha's rebellious and angry teenage sister, runs away from home and turns up on Tabitha's doorstep, bringing with her a healthy dose of familial strife and turmoil, the peace and serenity that Tabitha had been enjoying during her self-exile is all but shattered.

Kenji McGraw, a furniture builder and Tabitha's nearest neighbor, has secrets and reasons of his own for living as a relative hermit, and none of them involve Tabitha's psychic abilities.

He and Tabitha have so far only shared cordial how-do-you- dos, until a chance meeting on the road the morning of Chloe's unceremonious arrival results in a telepathically charged, embarrassingly erotic encounter that leaves the neighbors shaken and confused.

When Chloe sneaks out in the dead of night to meet with her boyfriend, Tabitha waylays the boyfriend and convinces him that Chloe will not be meeting him. She is however forced to ask for Kenji's assistance in tracking her sister when Chloe turns up missing, never having arrived for her prearranged tryst. On top of harboring the willful minor, Tabitha now faces the prospect of parental disappointment and wrath when Kenji finds Chloe lost in the woods with a broken leg and the teen has to be taken to the hospital.

Thrown together now by necessity and choice, Tabitha and Kenji explore the heat between them to discover the wonder of their gifts and the advantages of ending their solitary existences to form a romantic bond and be together.

In SURVIVOR by Liddy Midnight, Doug "Phoenix" is a standing Air Force fighter pilot in a not-too-distant future where the World Peace Treaty has been in effect for the last nine years. Consequently, Doug and his comrades of the Screaming Dragon Squadron keep their skills sharp through drills and performing at air shows rather than actual fighting.

Doug is the sole survivor of a tragic fire that took his family when he was child. He considers the colorful men of the Screaming Dragons his brothers, the only family he has. When a disastrous miscue in the air takes the lives of half his squadron, leaving the other half critically injured if not dead, Doug soon finds out that the erotic dreams he has been having lately of a mahogany-skinned, silver-haired goddess are in fact premonitions.

Harna is a widowed field worker ecstatic to leave her life of drudgery and vault to a place of importance in her settlement once she begins having dreams of the Chosen. A legendary warrior and harbinger of the enclave's approaching hour of greatest need, Doug is Harna's reluctant Chosen. But not even after he, in dragon form, rescues Harna, also in dragon form, from a flock of attacking harriers does he believe these wild claims. Deciding he was critically injured in the air show crash, he believes Harna and her world of mages, weres and swarming scavengers is a figment of his comatose imagination that will all go away once the medicinal drugs wear off and the pain kicks in.

Harna's bravery and patience and the cooperation and enthusiasm of her people gradually breaks through Doug's skepticism, and he has no choice except to relent and agree to train the settlement to protect itself from the harriers, thus fulfilling the enclave's prophesies and Harna's own erotic dreams.

In TAKING SHAPE by Tielle St. Clare, Nick Conner heads a private investigation firm with his two brothers and sister. He finds it increasingly difficult to practice what he preaches and abide his company's motto, "get in, blend in, and get out without being noticed", when he is approached by the president of AirPress and asked to investigate an embezzler. And once he makes actual contact with the beautiful and sexy target, following his conscience and the demands of his job becomes near impossible.

Industrious, loyal and too competent for her own good, Tally Hayward comes in weekends and brings work home to finish up a project that she insists on seeing to the end before she takes over her new duties after a promotion. She is the last employee anyone would ever suspect of embezzling. She is, however, the first her employers would set up for a crime when her diligence and thoroughness puts her superiors in a bind and leads them to take increasingly drastic measures to thwart Tally's inquiries.

It's not Nick's job to decide his target's guilt or innocence, only to gather facts. The glaring undeniable fact so far is the target's irresistible sensual quotient has Nick's hormone's in overdrive, the private investigator is in a constant state of arousal and ready to set aside his professional and personal ethics in order to get close to and have Tally Hayward. Nick breaks the first rule of shifting, "no intimate contact with a target while in another person's form" when, under the guise of her soon-to- be-out-on-his-ass boyfriend Richard, he has sex with Tally instead of, as previously planned, searching through her computer once he gains access to her house.

Once Tally is taken into custody by the police and accused of murder, the mystery of Richard's sudden transformation begins to fall into place as she uses him for an alibi and he denies being with her at the time of the murder. It's up to Nick and his siblings to come to the rescue and get Tally off the hook. But not before Nick has to come clean about his ability and risk Tally's trust with the revelation of his betrayal.

All three stories are fast-paced and tightly-woven, the characters engaging and spirited, and the h/h chemistry combustible. My favorite piece, however, was the last-but- definitely-not-least TAKING SHAPE that liberally sprinkled doses of humor (the rubber ducky vibrator and puppy dog scenes are LOL funny) in with the red-hot sensual encounters between Tally and Nick.

A great read and an excellent anthology for lovers of erotic shapeshifter romance.

Posted December 27, 2005

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted November 20, 2006


By Margaret Carter

A man and woman who shun human contact discover that they are meant for each other when Tabitha turns to her mountaintop neighbor Kenji for help in finding her runaway sister.

Tabitha hides away from the world to escape the pain of other people's emotions invading her mind. Kenji lives alone in a mountain cabin because he fears his untamed shape-shifting power. He is half kitsune—part man and part fox.

Only by sharing the secrets of their wild talents can these two lonely people unite and become whole.

By Liddy Midnight

After a horrific training accident with his fighter squadron, pilot Doug is transported to a world he's seen in powerful sexual dreams featuring a mahogany-skinned beauty with silver hair. It can't be real—people there become dragons at will. To his shock, he discovers he can transform as well.

Harna, the woman of his dreams, makes him welcome. The sex is mind-blowing but too much about this world defies logic. This must be another dream. Doug only knows he's falling in love and if he's right, he'll have to leave Harna behind when he wakes up.

Taking Shape
By Tielle St Clare

As a shapeshifter, Nick Conner can turn into anything or anyone he touches. Along with his brothers and sister, he uses this unique gift for private investigations. But something about their newest case doesn't sit right. Their client isn't being honest and their target, Tally, seems way too sweet to be a crook.

Or maybe it's that Nick wants her to be innocent.

But now he has an even bigger challenge on his hands. He's made love to Tally in another man's form—how can he convince her to love the man he truly is?

Line: Anthology,Twilight (Shapeshifter)
Book Length: Super Plus Novel
Sexual Content: Rated S-ensuous / E-rotic

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by Liddy Midnight, Tielle St. Clare, Margaret L. Carter

Ellora's Cave
October 1, 2005
Available: October 1, 2005
ISBN #141990308X
EAN #9781419903083
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