"an imaginative and tightly woven tale"

Harlee Leveaux is a psychiatrist who works for the government trying to decipher the inner echelons of the vampires and lycans. When she is awakened from a decadent, ultra-orgasmic dream, featuring two faceless men, and kidnapped from her home in the dead of night, she naturally assumes that the abduction is connected to her job in some way.

Harlee is mistaken and has much to learn about her heritage; specifically, that she is not who and what she thinks she is, and all the atrocities attributed to the vampires and lycans she's been hired to study are erroneous. But when she is told the whole truth by her "uncle", and further that she must simultaneously mate with her two captors, Harlee refuses to accept it.

That the balance of peace between vampires and lycans has been threatened after her "father's" assassination does not concern her. That she does not feel the requisite sense of revulsion at having sex with two men, especially the two men whom abducted her from her bed, does.

Duncan Kennard, a charming werewolf from Scotland heads lycan security. Adrian Baine, a brooding vamp heads vampire security. Each man has been charged with the duty of Harlee's safekeeping and "initiation", the latter of which will prove far more difficult than the former despite the males' inhuman raw sex appeal, and if the contradictory Harlee has anything to say about her uncle's decision for her to mate.

Outside fiction and fantasy media, the world at large is unaware that vampires and werewolves exist and have been among us for at least ten centuries; if the government has its way and manages to exterminate the two species as planned, this ignorance will continue to be the case. If the banded vamps and lycans have their way, however, more than just the government will know about and have to contend with their existence.

OUT OF THE DARKNESS is an imaginative and tightly woven tale of two races establishing an uneasy peace to preserve their kind, and one woman's trip of self-discovery and sexual awareness. That the vampires and lycans in the story come off far more sympathetic and appealing than the humans is a testament to the Burtons' gift for characterization and story-telling.

Posted December 27, 2005

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted November 20, 2006


Harlee has lived as a human her entire life, working as a psychiatrist on a secret government project evaluating captured werewolves and vampires.

Then one night two strangers jerk her from her bed, blindfold her and turn her world upside down. She is taken deep into the realm of lycans and vampires and told an unbelievable story—that she is the daughter of a forbidden union between a vampire and a werewolf and now possibly the future leader of both their clans.

She doesn't believe them. Vampires and werewolves are the enemies of humans. She hangs onto her humanity, her one and only goal to escape from her sexy and enigmatic captors before she loses her heart and possibly her very soul.

The vampire's and the lycan's goals are entirely different—to mate with the fiery beauty and determine whether her dominant blood is vampire or werewolf. One merely desires her. One will claim her for all eternity.

But dark forces turn what begins as a search for identity into a struggle for survival.

Line: Twilight (Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Vampire), Menage
Book Length: Novel
Book Type: eBook

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Out of the Darkness
by Jaci Burton, C. J. Burton

Ellora's Cave (Twilight)
October 1, 2005
Available: October 1, 2005
ISBN #1419903802
EAN #9781419903809
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