"Highly recommended vampire romance!"

Ex-police detective, jack-of-all-trades, and all virile male, Wil Brogan is a vampire who doesn't play by the rules and one you do not want to cross.

Rex Holden, sleaze-bag proprietor, collector and purveyor of women, has however, found himself in exactly this predicament when he comes up a day late and a dollar short for protective services rendered by Wil. A pathological liar and a cheat with no other recourse, Rex offers the only thing he can for collateral: one of his many women.

However, Wil has eyes for only one woman, and unfortunately she isn't up for grabs.

Rebecca Louise Holmes, "Becca" is the beautiful younger sister of Wil's friend Ellie, and he finds her tending bar at Rex's place. Ellie doesn't think Becca is old enough or wise enough to be out on her own and taking care of herself, and has hired Wil to find her.

Wil thinks Ellie is wrong, blinded by older sibling over- protectiveness. In Becca he sees an assertive and dangerous woman who knows what she wants and won't hesitate to take it. On top of everything else she's too sexy and independent for her own good, and is caught up in the middle of something Wil knows she can't handle. He knows, also, she won't make keeping his promise to Ellie easy, and that it will be hard convincing her to come with him; for her own protection or not.

Becca notices Wil the first night he walks into Rex's bar the previous week and she's just as hot for Rex's arrogant, cocky customer as Wil is for her. Only she has a secret agenda and more than just sex on her mind for Wil, and when Rex approaches her with his proposition, she doesn't hesitate to agree.

Before long, Wil realizes that Becca is not the sweet innocent young virgin Ellie and her family sent him to "rescue" and bring home, but a woman with which to be reckoned, one able to take care of not just herself but of him too, and in more ways than one. Wil wonders now if it is Becca who is caught up in the middle of something she can't handle, or is it him?

Wil is usually careful (where his libido isn't concerned at least), an unexpectedly sensitive loner compelled to break his "no attachments, no emotions" credo once confronted with a brazen and determined Becca; bent on making him drop his guard and throw caution to the wind.

Becca is more than a match for Wil's moral-code and the promise he made to her family; a mysterious and deadly adversary who will do anything she has to to get her man-- or her vampire, even if that means...murder.

Wil and Becca start out as the most unlikely pair, but despite this the sparks between them fly and grow into a full-fledged conflagration once they consummate their ill- advised relationship.

Despite the dark fantasy elements, TARNISHED (the fifth book in the Dark Promises series that effectively stands alone) is a solid universal story with even more solid and universal hero, heroine and supporting characters that kept this reader's interest high and emotions involved to the very end.

Adams has created a sympathetic and multi-dimensional coupling in Wil's principled but flawed vamp and Becca's passionate, but vulnerable and emotionally scarred temptress, who each drive the plot with natural, titillating dialogue and tantalizing steamy sexual encounters that definitely has this reader ready to buy the other four books in the series. Highly recommended vampire romance!

Posted December 26, 2005

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted November 20, 2006


Hired to protect the younger sister of a good friend, vampire Wil Brogan thinks it's going to be a simple job. Go in, pull Becca out of harm's way, and bring her home to her family. But the second he sees her, he knows it's going to be anything but simple. She isn't the naďve young woman her family remembers. She's a strong, bold woman who's anything but helpless and seeing her makes him want to forget the job and drag her to the nearest bed. He doesn't see the danger in letting his guard down until it's too late.

Becca's much more than the seductive woman Wil first sees her for. She's a vampire hunter, and she plans to make him her next victim.

He doesn't count on the chemistry between them. Chemistry that gives way to an attraction neither of them is prepared for. After a tragic relationship Wil had vowed to never get involved with a human woman again, and Becca has her own painful reasons to explain her hatred of vampires. Sometimes opposites shouldn't attract—and sometimes fate steps in and changes the rules.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic


(Dark Promises series: Book 5)
by Elisa Adams

Ellora's Cave
October 1, 2005
ISBN #1419903810
EAN #9781419903816
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