"another fast-paced, scorching and suspenseful tale"

On Council orders, Panthecinos Sam Kincaid infiltrates Paul Richardson's organization and one night during a lavish dinner party at Richardson's mansion, he kills Richardson.

That he was doing his job and eradicating an evil, unscrupulous and immoral businessman who'd sold his soul to a demon, was little consolation when in the wake of Sam's actions, innocent and beautiful Faith Richardson is left widowed and at the mercy of her husband's enemies.

Bereft but free of her open, loveless and unconsummated marriage, Faith Richardson's life is in danger now and the only one she can trust is Sam Kincaid. She wastes no time running to the man's isolated cabin in the woods to beg for his help. Initially, Sam denies her request. But Faith is persistent and makes the ultimate proposal, offering her body in exchange for Sam's protection.

As Sam has wanted Faith ever since coming to work for her husband so many weeks ago, it is no great hardship for him to accept. But what will she do when she discovers he's not who and what she thinks he is? What will she do when she finds out that Sam is the one who dealt the fatal blow to her husband?

From just one touch, Sam knows that Faith, a mere human, is his, fated to him for life. He does not want to frighten her away by telling her this, but he knows he will do everything in his power to prevent any man touching her; do anything to keep her safe, including disobeying Council orders and protocol.

Richardson had convinced his wife that he had a cure for cancer, and Faith is under the impression that a rival company was out to get him, hence out to get Faith now under the impression she has the formula her husband was working on. But when she talks in more detail with Sam about their situation, she discovers that Sam is not the only man by whom she was being duped.

In the meantime, while investigating possible leads into who is behind the attempts on Faith's life, Sam discovers that his own life has come full circle, and the past that he has so diligently tried to deny is about to smack him -- and Faith -- full in the face.

Adams has fashioned a strong story of redemption and forgiveness, one that boasts the usual bloodthirsty and vengeful demons and their minions stalking the hero and heroine and otherwise making their lives miserable. She also includes several favorite goodies and baddies from DEMONIC OBSSESSION (Book 2 in the series) to bring to fruition another fast-paced, scorching and suspenseful thrill-ride in FLESH AND BLOOD.

Posted February 11, 2006

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted November 20, 2006


A woman living a lie…
Being a trophy wife doesn't seem like a terrible thing to Faith Richardson. She's taken care of and free to live her life on her terms. But life as the wife of a wealthy scientist isn't idyllic.

Paul Richardson's work for a powerful—and dangerous—man has put both their lives in danger. By hiring a bodyguard he unwittingly brings death to their door.

A deal with the devil… Faith's husband is murdered, and she is next. She turns to her husband's former bodyguard to escape certain death. He agrees to help—for a price. She must give him anything he wants.

A dangerous obsession… The deal Faith offers Sam Kincaid is too tempting for him to pass up. The woman had become his obsession, and now she's making him an offer he'd never refuse.

Faith is dangerous to him, threatening the very foundation of his world. He should push her away, but he can't. He intends to take her up on her offer, in ways she's never imagined. He wants everything from her.

Her body…and her blood.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre : Vampire


Flesh and Blood
by Elisa Adams

Ellora's Cave
February 1, 2005
ISBN #1419901370
EAN #9781419901379
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