"hottest yet in this vampire series!"

After helping her older brother Eric defeat the demon that threatened his lover Ellie and the New England town where she lives, Merida flees to warmer climates and a less stressful situation in sunny Florida.

She's left her job with Sam Kinkaid, the Panthecinos demon who raised her and her brother when their parents were killed. Merida feels unable to deal with the new responsibility Sam insists she must undertake; a much bigger than the job she had finding and stopping evil with Sam and her brother. Sam has told Merida that her destiny is to be a Balance Keeper.

Magic has always come easy to Merida, something she's never had to work hard to be good at, but Balance Keeping is a heavy burden not exactly suited to her impulsive, foot- loose and fancy free mien. If Sam's heavy trip wasn't enough, she's fallen hard for someone that she really shouldn't have anything to do with and with whom she's already had an ill-advised one-night-stand.

Vampire Royce Cardoso has some demons of his own he's running from, namely the little feline Panthecinos Merida whom he can't get out of his mind no matter how many women he sleeps with and no matter how much he tells himself that he's better off now that she's run off and left town.

Trying to convince himself of the latter and believing it are two different things, especially when Royce has always been the one to do the leaving in his past "relationships", except the most important relationship of all and this was with his wife Sarah. Betrayed once by his brother and Sarah before Sarah's death, Royce has had a serious problem with commitment and staying in one place for too long, refuses to give his heart to another the way he gave it to Sarah.

Royce's old friend, homicide detective and fellow vampire, Wil Brogan calls him asking for help with a murder case that he knows involves a non-human perpetrator. Royce tracks down Merida in Florida and talks her into joining him in the small sleepy town in Vermont where Wil lives and works, intimating that the case is right up her alley and he and Wil could use her demon-hunting skills.

Adams scores again with this tightly woven erotica with a smidgen of action and suspense to keep the reader going until the end. The hero and heroine chemistry in SHIFT OF FATE is the hottest yet in the series, and a sensitive, sensual well-done ménage between Royce, Merida and Wil naturally emerges to add extra depth and spice to an already gratifying dish.

The ending seemed a little rushed when compared to the first two books in the series (and this might be because this reader wanted the story to continue), though it was still satisfying and did not detract from the reader's general enjoyment. Overall, SHIFT OF FATE is a solid and sexy vampire erotica.

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted February 11, 2006

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted November 20, 2006


Dark Promises: Book 3

Revenge. It's been Royce's driving force for months, since Merida walked out on him without even saying goodbye.

When a friend presents Royce with the perfect opportunity to settle the score—in the form of evil stalking a small New England town—he thinks it's fate. Drawing Merida to Vermont is easy, but keeping his hands off her when she gets there proves to be more than he can handle. The possibilities are endless—until the same evil they've been stalking decides to stalk Merida back.

Escape. It's been Merida's plan all along, ever since she ran out on Royce after their last encounter and their battle with evil. When Merida takes the call from Royce, asking for her help in solving the paranormal problem in Caswell, Vermont, she hopes this is what she needs to get him out of her thoughts and dreams. She has been on the run, not only from her overbearing boss and from the passion she still feels for Royce, but from the destiny she dreads. One that would change her life forever.

Neither counts on fate or destiny getting in the way of their plans.


Shift of Fate
by Elisa Adams

Ellora's Cave
June 1, 2004
Available: June 2, 2004
ISBN #1843609231
EAN #9781843609230
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