"A fast-paced story with explosive chemistry"

The second book in the Dark Promises series, DEMONIC OBSESSION is the story of Ann Elizabeth Holmes, Ellie, for short. A painter, a practicing witch from a long line of witches with an affinity for vampires, Ellie is a divorcee with a penchant for hooking up with the wrong man. This might be enough for most people to give up on love altogether, but not for Ellie the intensely family oriented nurturer, protector and closet romantic.

Ellie lives in a town where everyone knows everyone on sight, so when she goes to the park to do some rough sketches, she immediately notices the dark-haired, emerald- eyed stranger watching her from the shelter of a tree a dozen feet away. The eerie feeling that has been recently dogging her comes to fruition when the stranger approaches and introduces himself.

Eric Malcolm is on a mission to find a rogue vampire. He's been on the hunt for months, has already lost three close friends to this killer and is desperate to stop him before he can take another life. He hates bloodsuckers but compromises and makes contact with Ellie. Because of her affiliation with several vampires, she may know something that could lead Eric to his killer; so he decides to get close and stay close. Eric has met his match in the witch, for her mind is strong and not easily accessible through his normal methods of reading. He's also not kidding himself to believe that getting her assistance regarding his case is his only reason for staying close to Ellie. His attraction to the human woman is instant and could put his entire assignment in jeopardy.

Ellie's been receiving strange vibes from Eric from their first meeting and then again when he pops up at her home and her grandmother invites him to stay for coffee. She believes he is definitely not human and she's got enough of those in her life to last her a lifetime. She doesn't need more trouble of the dark and dangerous, supernatural variety, but the attraction and desire between them is intense and difficult to deny.

On the edge of trusting Eric, Ellie learns of a murder in town, the body drained of blood and found right behind the restaurant where Eric and Ellie had had dinner the night before. Ellie's trust is instantly replaced with fear and suspicion, but they are nothing to match Eric's fatalistic contention that he and Ellie are soul mates and he will do anything he can to protect her from the threat of his past come to Stone Harbor to haunt him.

Several characters from Adams' previous MIDNIGHT make appearances in this book who round out the intricate subplot surrounding the mysterious rogue vampire and Eric's past connection to Ellie's vampire friends. All add to the reader's feeling of being reacquainted with old and familiar intimates without threatening this well-written book's ability to stand alone.

The leads, Eric and Ellie, have explosive chemistry that leaps off the page and that is portrayed in numerous sizzling and spicy love scenes. They are also evenly matched, each intelligent and strong-willed in their own right, but willing to overlook the heart-aches and mistakes of their pasts to come together and form a united front against their common enemies and to protect the ones they love.

The love story in DEMONIC OBSESSION crosses various barriers -- including age, race and even death -- to see its h/h reach their happily ever after, and is presented in a fast-paced entertaining package to keep the reader scrolling to its satisfying end.

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted February 11, 2006

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted November 20, 2006


Faced with a killer vampire and a chance meeting with a stranger who leaves her frightened and aroused in equal measures, Ellie is forced to question everything her upbringing has taught her—including the belief that absolute evil doesn't exist. Fed up with lukewarm relationships that go nowhere, spending a few hot nights in Eric's bed seems like the perfect solution—until she finds out the truth about what Eric is…and how it's going to affect the rest of her life.

Sexual Content: Sensuous. Genre: Vampire.


Demonic Obsession
(Dark Promises series: Book 2)
by Elisa Adams

Ellora's Cave
November 1, 2003
Available: November 5, 2003
ISBN #1843606674
EAN #9781843606673
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