"a recommended read for fans of vampire erotica romance"

At thirty-three, Amara Daniels has been playing female vampire Midnight Morris for almost ten years when the director, Robby Baker comes to her one day with the news that he and his associates want to take the franchise into a new direction: adult films.

Amara is firmly against it, no matter what the crew -- especially her co-star and fiancé, Derek -- have agreed to.

With the odds and the crew stacked against her, and Robby threatening to replace her, contract or not, if she doesn't show some skin, Amara is reluctantly forced to reevaluate her position. Without her job as Midnight, she would be just another out-of-work actress.

Robby gives her a tape to view, insists it might be of interest to her and help change her mind about the new direction. When Amara arrives home, more than just the tape and who's on it shocks her into a reality check and self- assessment.

Two months later, fiancé-lees, jobless and without an acting gig since Midnight Morris, Amara is at an outdoor café looking through the classifieds when a fan of the Midnight series approaches her with the false report of Amara's demise in a freak plastic surgery incident, and Amara realizes she has just about hit rock bottom.

Marco Cardoso has been watching Amara for months now, gradually becoming obsessed after seeing her portrayal of a vampire in the Midnight Morris movies. Obsessed and strangely outraged at the erroneous message she and her movies are sending to the masses. He has been stalking her for weeks when he sees the report of implant poisoning in the rags. He goes to her home to make sure Amara is still alive and well, but on impulse takes his visit one step further and abducts her.

A real live vampire, Marco has it in his mind to teach Amara a lesson about what his kind is really like. He never anticipated however, that the more he is around her, the less he wants to teach her a lesson unless it involves making love to her until they are both spent.

Despite her denials to the contrary, Amara is attracted to the weird crazy kidnapper who claims he's a vampire. Funny thing is, the more she's around him, the more she is starting to believe his ridiculous assertions. If this weren't bad enough, Marco has her thinking about sex more than she ever has in the past, and wanting it in ways she has never dreamed.

Amara and Marco have instant chemistry, each at their own personal crossroads, each coming to the table having made decisions of which they are not totally proud, but not regretting those that ultimately bring them together. Each character awakens a part of the other that neither knew existed, both stronger together than they could ever be apart, each bringing out the best in the other.

Amara is at once sympathetic and engaging as the down-on- her-luck actress with more ideals than opportunities, trying to make the best of a bad situation when Marco abducts her. Despite a lousy first impression and his strong-arming Amara as badly, if not worse, than the studio execs, Marco's intentions are sincere, and come from the heart, which makes him a charming but perfectly flawed and tormented hero, an ideal match for the harried heroine.

The sexual encounters are evocative and tender, and unbridled and wild showcasing the depth of feelings growing between Amara and Marco and the possibility that they may very well be soul mates.

Adams has penned a promising and satisfying beginning to the Dark Promises series in MIDNIGHT, and a recommended read for fans of vampire erotica romance.

Posted December 12, 2005

Review for ebook edition - Ellora's Cave / February 15, 2003 - ISBN #1843604035

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted November 20, 2006


Washed-up horror movie actress Amara Daniels is looking for a new career. When she'd kidnapped by a crazed fan who swears he's a vampire, she thinks she's hit rock bottom. What she doesn't count on is the wild attraction between them that quickly surpasses the boiling point... and the fact that he might not be delusional at all.

Sexual Content: NC-17. Genre: vampire.


(Dark Promises series: Book 1)
by Elisa Adams

Ellora's Cave
June 1, 2005
ISBN #1419950495
EAN #9781419950490
224 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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