"A very entertaining romantica"

Brenna Lyons writes erotica/horror as it should be, an engrossing story with titillating erotica.

Katheryn O'Hanlon knows something is wrong - again - she just doesn't know what has happened. Katheryn shares a psychic link with her young nephew Kyle, one that will draw her back into the nightmare she forced from her memory when she was only five years old. She will have to learn to trust Keith, her high school boyfriend once again and learn how to lean on his strength to get her through the coming showdown with a very powerful and very dead psychic who has used his link with Kyle to kill again if he's not stopped. Keith will have to take a leap of faith in order to help both Kyle and Katheryn and accept things that simply should not be and toys that really can and have killed.

This story has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing and enough romantica to keep things nice and interesting. A very entertaining read.

Courtesy: Eternal Night
Posted February 12, 2006

Reviewed by Leola Brooks
Posted November 19, 2006


Katheryn O'Hanlon has no memory of life before age five, no memory of Ty, but she has to remember fast. Ty is a renegade psychic killing off her nephew's enemies and terrorizing her family. Katheryn has beaten him twice, but Ty keeps coming back.

Keith has been on Katie's bad side for fifteen years. He'll give anything for a second chance with her, and fate has given him the opening he needs. Assigned to Kyle after his father's death, Keith is in close contact and learning fast. Kyle and Katie are powerful psychics, but that doesn't explain how toys can kill.


by Brenna Lyons

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
March 20, 2004
ISBN #1554100895
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