"Erotic short story full of intrigue, lust and love"

Lily is thrilled and ready for her initiation into the vampire world. Her 21st Birthday is upon her, and one male will take her maidenhood and officially change her into a vampire. She just hopes that they do not mark her as their mate by biting her, for she wishes to experience the world of the legendary vampire orgies. Little does she know that Adrian, leader of the vampires has a different path set for her.

Adrian, leader of the vampires is determined to have Lily as his mate. And he knows the only way to do that is to change her on her birthday biting her and this way binding her to him. For Adrian knows Lily's darkest secret, one that can turn his people against her. He also knows he is the only one able to protect her from them.

Once Lily has made love with Adrian, she is addicted to his sensual caresses but resists his attempts to mate with her. Yet even when she wants to join in with the vampire's orgies they hold no appeal for her. Her body burns only for Adrian's touch, and only in his arms will she know true ecstasy.

Surrender the Night is a short story full of intrigue, lust and yet in the end love. Miss Blair has a flair for the magical world of werewolves and vampires. As you read this intense and highly erotic storyline of two people, you are constantly kept on your toes. Miss Blair kept me wondering to the end what dark secret Lily had that Adrian was willing to keep. With every word you read it draws you closer even as you fight it; into the dark realm of the vampire and his world of blood and sexual escapades. I highly recommend Surrender the Night. Even if you do not normally read short stories, this one has everything you will ever look for to satisfy you that a full length novel does.

Posted March 31, 2006

Reviewed by Debbie Roush
Posted November 19, 2006


Weaving his spell of enchantment, he came to her in dreams, initiating her into the passionate world of the vampire. She cannot forget the slide of his muscular body thrusting into hers, the erotic sting of his fangs sinking into her tender skin. Now Adrian, leader of the vampire world, will seduce Lily to officially change her into a vampire. Only Adrian knows Lily's darkest secret, a secret that can turn his people against her. He is determined to protect her by claiming her as his mate.

Once they make love, Lily becomes addicted to Adrian's sensual caresses, but fights his attempts to coax her into mating. Yet only Adrian's touch can bring her the ecstasy she craves. Even the legendary vampire orgies hold no appeal for her, for she burns for Adrian, and only in his arms will she at last surrender to himů and the night.

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Surrender the Night
by Blair Valentine

Ellora's Cave
September 1, 2005
ISBN #1419903462
EAN #9781419903465
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