"truly an inspiring story"

Abby Fuller is a woman with a past of trauma and fear so horrifying to her that she has suppressed all her once sexual feelings. The one to do this to her was the one person who should have been protecting instead of traumatizing, her stepbrother. Now Abby is ready to start her life over, especially her now non-existent sex life. So with the advice of an old girlfriend she goes to the one man known to all as the V Whisperer, or Rick as he is known by his business associates.

Rick Dante helps women just like Abby. Helping them let go of their suppressed desires and past traumas. When Abby walks into his life, he finds he is attracted to her more than he should be to a client. Now Rick must decide if he wants an after with her or just fun.

While Abby and Rick are trying to work out what it is they want from each other, as well as working through her problem, fate, or is it bad luck, takes a turn to step up. While Abby is unsure if she is going to stay or if there is even a reason to stay--namely one Rick Dante's feelings, the one person from her past who caused all her fears decides to open old wounds. Will Abby be able to face her fears and the person who put them there? Has Rick given her what she needs to fight and win? Or will Abby run away again and leave the one man who not only awakened her sleeping body, but stole her heart as well?

This is one story that many women can relate to, whether they have been abused mentally or sexually. The V Whisperer is truly an inspiring story of one woman's journey to recovery from her past trauma, even while it gets your juices flowing. Miss Girard is able to get the reader into the characters' shoes, with her well written dialogue as well as the right words for each sensual scene between partners. You will enjoy this story from the first encounter between Rick and Abby to the last sentence. A warning though; this is not for sensitive readers; it contains highly explicit and alternative situations.

Posted April 2, 2006

Reviewed by Debbie Roush
Posted November 19, 2006


Rick Dante’s alias is a fascinating one. As founder of M.A.S.A. (middle-aged-sex-addicts), and his day job as a Real Estate Broker, he has an incredible life patterned for himself. When a beautiful blonde shows up at his door, he’s thrown off balance and finds it difficult to keep his mind from wandering back to her. The initial meeting changes both their lives forever, in more ways than one and on many different levels. His attractiveness, sensuality and his voice all combine to systematically sweep her off her feet. Yet, she’s hesitant to dive into a relationship. Rick also is intrigued by the blonde beauty and in regard to her lack of commitment, he too is hesitant to plunge into a relationship where his feelings may never be shared or returned.

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The V Whisperer
by Deborrah Girard

March 1, 2006
ISBN #1933471204
EAN #9781933471204
97 pages
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