"A hot and torrid vampire and werewolves relationship"

What do you get when you have a female werewolf who needs to be deflowered to come fully into her powers? And a vampire left for dead by a pack of werewolves; who is in need of blood to heal? Well put them together in a cabin during a blizzard and you have one sizzling story!

Nina Manaro has decided at age 21 to take control of her own destiny and escapes her overbearing brothers. Unfortunately for her when she decides to take refuge in her grandfather's abandoned cabin, she discovers someone's already there. And that someone just might be able to help her with her PROBLEM, but can she keep her independence at the same time?

Vampire Lucien Portuer just wants to be left alone to heal. Accused of murder for which he did not commit, he comes under attack by an entire wolf pack that leaves him for dead. Now forced to seek shelter in an abandoned cabin before sunrise he gets an unexpected visitor. Unfortunately for her he's injured, pissed and very hungry.

Nina and Lucien are now stuck in this cabin on the eve of the biggest blizzard Raven's Falls has ever seen. Will Lucien be able to resist temptation when he learns not only what she wants from him but who she is?

Kendra Clark is on her way to becoming a big hit in the literary world of paranormal romance. Kiss Me Sweetly will keep you breathless from sentence one to the end. Kendra Clark as put a very unique and might I say refreshing twist on vampires and werewolves relations. You will find yourself panting after Lucien and almost wishing you were Nina. If you do not snatch a copy of this hot and torrid book when it comes out, you will be missing one heck of a combustive storyline.

Posted March 31, 2006

Reviewed by Debbie Roush
Posted November 19, 2006


Sometimes the most powerful forces are the opposing ones.

Shape shifter Nina Manaro wants her independence. Born the youngest and only sister of seven overbearing brothers, it’s been something she’s struggled to gain for years. Especially since they’re the biggest, baddest Werewolves in all of Raven’s Falls. But when she reaches the age of twenty-one, she decides to take control of her own destiny and leave the pack to seek refuge in her grandfather’s abandoned cabin. When she discovers a sexy someone’s already there, someone that can help her with her little problem, will she be able to keep the independence she so desperately seeks?

Vampire Lucien Portuer wants to be left alone. Wrongfully accused of murder, he suffers an attack from an entire wolf pack that leaves him for dead. He’s injured, pissed, and downright sick of his existence and forced to seek shelter before the sunrise. But when an unexpected visitor enters the abandoned cabin he’d inhabited on the eve of the biggest blizzard Raven’s Falls has ever seen, will Lucien be able to resist temptation when he learns just who this mystery visitor is and what she wants from him?

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Kiss Me Sweetly
by Kendra Clark

Whiskey Creek Press (Torrid)
November 1, 2006
ISBN #1593745753
EAN #9781593745752
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