"a wonderful twist to the creatures of the night and werewolves"

They are Night Stalkers, two sisters born to hunt and destroy evil.

Jenai is a Night Stalker born to protect humanity. She is neither vampire nor human; she is something else. For five years she has dreamed of one man who makes hot and sweet love to her. He knows her better than anyone else even herself. Now after five long years, she meets him and finds out she is his soul mate.

Ronan has searched for Jenai his mate for decades and now he has found her. He has been sent by his agency to either recruit her and her sister or kill them if they refuse.

Ronan finds a trap set for not only the sisters, but him as well. Now all three must fight their way to freedom and defeat the evil that stalks them. Although the sparks fly between the soul mates Jenai runs away after a misunderstanding. And straight into the very evil that is trying to destroy her and the ones she loves. Now only Ronan can find his mate even though their bond is still too new. Ronan must risk everything his life, sanity and even his very soul to rescue the woman he has been born to love. But can Jenai hold on to her hope and keep fighting the demon who wishes to posses her? Or will Ronan be too late to free her and destroy the evil that has stalked them all?

Miss Shiloh has put a wonderful twist to the creatures of the night and werewolves. This book is exciting from the beginning to the end and makes you eager to read the second book in the series. You find your imagination tested to it's limits trying to visualize each scene and other worldly beings, from vampires to succubi. Miss Shiloh's highly descriptive language with each sexual scene makes you feel like you were there in the room witnessing them first hand. I found myself fighting alongside these unique sisters and holding my breath with each encounter Ronan had while fighting his way in the underworld to free his beloved mate. I highly recommend Back from Hell and looking for the continuing saga of the Night Stalkers. A warning though, this book contains scenes of rape and violence and not for sensitive readers.

Posted June 4, 2006

Reviewed by Debbie Roush
Posted November 19, 2006


They are Night Stalkers, two sisters born to hunt and destroy evil.

For years a man has joined Jenai in her dreams. He makes sweet, hot love to her,and knows her better than anyone else. Now she has finally met him. After years of searching, Ronan has found her. His mate, the woman he has dreamed of for decades. He has been sent to recruit her and her sister Stephanie to join the powerful organization he works for. If he can't recruit them…he has orders to kill them.

A trap has been set—intended to kill them all. Fighting their way to freedom, Ronan and the sisters flee, determined to defeat the evil that stalks them.

Sparks fly between the intended soul mates. But a misunderstanding causes Jenai to run away…straight into a deadly evil that may very well cost her soul. Only Ronan can find her, but their bond is still too new. He must risk his life, his sanity, and his very soul to save the woman he was born to love.

Genre: Sensual Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter

Note: This book contains scenes of rape and violence.


Back From Hell
(Night Stalkers series: Book 1)
by Shiloh Walker

Ellora's Cave
April 1, 2006
ISBN #1419953087
EAN #9781419953088
191 pages
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