"an awe-inspiring novella"

Lyra has come to the auction house to purchase a piece for her weapons on her FlyerCraft which she has been upgrading. But as soon as they announce that they had a panthlion on hand to auction all thoughts of the part she needed left her mind. For Lyra has always had a fascination with the legend of these extraordinary changelings. Now she will give all she has to buy him and set him free in the wilds of her homeland. Only thing she hasn't counted on is this certain panthlion has marked her as his mate.

Jaden is one of the very few panthlions to escape his homeworld. After being in hibernation for he knows not how long, he finds himself caged and being sold to the highest bidder. But one sniff of Lyra's female pheromones and he knows he has found his mate. But can he convince her that she is his or will he find himself left in the wilds?

Journey to another time and place where anything is possible. Where beings are humanoid, as well as every shape and size, and languages are overcome by language communicators. Will Lyra turn away from the love and devotion that Jaden offers or will she do what she set out to do and take him to the wilds of her home?

Tales of the Pride: Awakening is an awe-inspiring novella where anything is possible. Miss Lyons makes the impossible come to life with her very talented writing. As you come to the end of this story you find yourself yearning for more and hoping that there is a sequel to come. One never knows when seeing the impossible come to life on the pages; there can always be a continuing journey for Lyra and Jaden.

Review Posted July 15, 2006

Reviewed by Debbie Roush
Posted November 19, 2006


Flung halfway across the galaxy in his felid form, Jâden awakens trapped in a cage and finds himself up for auction. He easily sniffs out the intriguing scent of one of the bidders, a lovely female alien he wishes to claim for his own...if only he can convey his desire and convince her to bid on him before it's too late.

Exhausted after outrunning raiders on her way to the remote outpost, Lyra instantly revives when she hears a mystical pänthliõn is going on the auction block. She wasn't sure this breed of giant feline truly existed, but one glance at the gorgeous cat and her thoughts turn from restoring her ship to sinking her fingers into his lush coat. Now, she just needs to find a way to buy him...and figure out what one feeds a recently-hibernating carnivore.

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(Tales of the Pride)
by Larissa Lyons

Amber Quill Press (Amber Heat)
June 1, 2006
Available: June 1, 2006
ISBN #1592795528
EAN #9781592795529
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