"brings the world of magic and Shape-shifters to life"

After a century of living apart from the outside world, The Eagle Clan must either face extinction or go out and search for mates. Athair now leads his adopted sons to another clan. Yet betrayal from them forces him to accept help from a human veterinarian. And suddenly finds that she may be the hope his clan so desperately needs.

Hope, a veterinarian physically and mentally scared from a car accident that left her alone, except her Nana, finds more than she bargained for in rescuing a wolf. For there are secrets of her heritage that she is going to find out plus she will have to face her fears as well. Now she finds herself drawn to Athair and finds herself in the middle of a war between two Clans.

Now that Athair knows he has found his mate in Hope, can he lead his clan to victory against the other while protecting his adopted sons, and convincing Hope that she is stronger than she thinks. Strong enough to battle her fears and become his mate, and become a member of the Valafrn clans.

Ms. Shannon brings the world of magic and Shape-shifters to life with her wonderful imaginative and descriptive writing. With each suspenseful sentence, along with passionate scenes, you find yourself more and more enthralled with The Eagle Clan as well as the secrets that come out in the telling. I would recommend Father of the Wolf to anyone who loves romance with a shape-shifting twist. Be forewarned though; once you finish this first story of The Eagle Clan, you will find yourself determined to find the other parts of this awesome series.

Posted September 23, 2006

Reviewed by Debbie Roush
Posted November 19, 2006


After living apart from the world for over a century, the Eagle Clan must return in search of mates or face certain extinction. Athair leads them to another clan, but is betrayed and attacked, forcing him to accept help from a human veterinarian who he suddenly realizes is exactly the hope they so desperately need.

All that remains is escaping a murderous pack, protecting his adopted sons, and convincing Hope that she is strong enough to be his mate as well as a powerful member of the Valāfrn clans.

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Father of the Wolf
(Eagle Clan Series: Book 1)
by L. Shannon

Cobblestone Press
June 1, 2006
ISBN #1600880177
EAN #9781600880179
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