"Vampire love story with hot torrid scenes"

Melanie Walters has had a run of bad luck in her love life. Every single date she has ends up leaving with someone other than her. Surely there is someone out there even in Greenwich Village for her.

Jacob Dante has lived centuries alone looking for the right woman to spend eternity with. So when Melanie Walters walks into his club he knows she is the one. And he will do anything to ensure that she stays with him even as far as making sure she doesn't have any other men.

As Melanie wanders home she finds the night creeping in on her under the New York city lights. Soon she finds herself captive to a man who wants more than just her body. But can she give herself over to Jacob completely even after finding out he's a real life vampire? Will Jacob be able to show her his love for her is worth everything even her life for an eternity of sensual nights with him? Or will he be forced to give up the one woman who has stolen his heart, and walk into the sun.

Dante's Flame is a short story pact full of love and hot torrid scenes. As you finish this story of ultimate love you find yourself wishing it was a longer novel. Miss Poff has a great talent in drawing her reader into the scenes so much that it leaves you panting. If you have the good fortune to get this short story I suggest you make sure to get Book's 2 & 3 as well for they will surely be as hot and exciting.

Posted April 28, 2006

Reviewed by Debbie Roush
Posted November 19, 2006


Jacob Dante has been looking for a woman to spend eternity with. It's taken several centuries but he finally finds the one he wants to spend several more with. The only thing is she keeps showing up at his club with a different man who he has to spirit away.

Melanie Walters has had bad luck when it comes to men. Every one she dates leaves with someone else. Surely in Greenwich Village she should be able to find somebody. She wonders if she'll ever have a love life with the man in her dreams.

When the night creeps up on her under a New York street lamp, she finds herself the captive of a man who wants her in more ways than one. Can they find what they are looking for and ignite DANTE'S FLAME for eternity?

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Dante's Flame
by Christy Poff

Whiskey Creek Press (Torrid)
October 1, 2005
ISBN #1593743815
EAN #9781593743819
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