"Spicy erotic fiction sets fire to the page"

Kaska of Artane is a follower of the Dark One, the god of warriors whose greatest pleasure is the capture and conquering of a Maid of Light.Partially because she is a Maid of Light, and partially despite it, Kaska is intrigued -- and aroused -- when he encounters fiery Matia of Ruza, and fights at her side.

They become friends, and more, shieldmates... but forever beneath their friendship burns the knowledge that he wants her, and that one day, when they no longer serve the same master and are free to take up their own lives once more... he will have her.

Victoria Michaels' spicy erotic fiction nearly sets fire to the page -- and in The Dark One she pulls no punches. THe fantasy world that she creates is inventive and yet detailed, especially considering the limited length of the piece. Her characterization is amazing -- both Kaska and Matia nearly leap off the page but it is the true honesty of the characters' evolving relationship that lends the story it's emotional strength. The erotic aspects of the story may, however, challenge some readers -- not so much the explicitness of hte tale, which is considerable enough, but Michaels' use of whipping as a tool of arousal and the prominence of anal sex in the story. Readers should rest assured that the story is an exciting and decidedly romantic adventure. This is a definite must-buy for the more adventurous reader of fantasy romance.

Reviewed by Ann Leveille
July 17, 2004

Note: This review refers to the original release of this title.

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 19, 2006


Matia of Ruza is one of the legendary Battlemaids -- a woman warrior who has taken an oath of celibacy in service of the Maid of Light. When Kaska of Artane saves her from an ambush by a gang of brigands, Matia finds her oath tested by her handsome rescuer's erotic appeal. But Kaska means to do more than test Matia's faith. He worships the Dark One, and he wants to make Matia the centerpiece in a sizzling erotic ritual in honor of his god.

But first, he's got to defeat her in combat -- and win her heart.

Publisher's Note: This title was previously published under the name Victoria Michaels - May 21, 2004

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The Dark One
by Angela Knight

Changeling Press
January 1, 2009
Available: January 9, 2009
ISBN #1595960155
EAN #9781595960153
44 pages
e-Book (reprint)
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