"ultimate hero vampire in love and suspense"

Tania Williams works at a DA's office in Manhattan helping battered women. She is also headstrong and doesn't want the complication of love in her life because she was burned by her former boyfriend, who is now married to her sister. But then she meets Alec Wulf, and as he ignites her passion with his emerald glance and sensual touch her walls starts to crumble. With every look of concern and every act of devotion Tania starts having second thoughts about not needing a man in her life.

Alec Wulf is a unique vampire among is kind. As well as being ancient, he is also heir to the throne of the vampire. Tania is his soul mate and he has loved and lost her for centuries. The last time his uncle snatched her away from him, and he watched her die in his arms and other times because she refused his dark gift. Now the evil that snatched her from his side is back. Can he help Tania trust and love him again while remembering her past lives and while trying to vanquish the evil?

Can Alec and Tania finally have a life together? Will she accept his gift of immortality or will his Uncle take her from him again and destroy him as well? Not only is Alec's love in peril, but he knows if he loses this fight that the world they know will be no more. If his evil Uncle gets the throne, everyone will be slaves to the vampire king.

Crimson Wings is not only a highly erotic novel but it also has suspense with a paranormal twist. Mrs. Wilson has a very fertile imagination when it comes to creating the ultimate hero vampire. As I read her Bio in the back of this novel I saw Crimson Wings was her first novel and I must say that she did a great job with it. I fell instantly in love with Alec, as he was willing to do anything for the woman he loves even after centuries of losing her over and over. What makes Alec unique is his crimson wings, hence the title. Knowing how much tearing pain he went through each time they unfolded out of his back, that he still uses them is overpowering. Knowing Crimson Wings is Mrs. Wilson's first novel, I can just imagine that her others are even hotter. I am going to be looking out for her next book called "Of Blood and Orchids".

Posted March 31, 2006

Reviewed by Debbie Roush
Posted November 19, 2006


Alec Wulf, newly appointed King of Vampires has a lot on his plate now dealing with the death of a loved one and being saddled with a Kingdom he never wanted to rule. However, when the chance to be with his beloved is placed in his lap he jumps at the chance. But will he bring her a lifetime of love, or a lifetime of pain?

Headstrong Tania Williams doesn't need the complication of love in her life, not after getting burned by her sister and former boyfriend, now brother-in-law. Nevertheless, when she feels the sure, sensual touch of Alec Wulf and the concern and devotion she thinks twice. One emerald glance could ignite passions beyond her control. One touch could make her pay for eternity.


Crimson Wings
by K. R. Wilson

eXtasy Books
October 1, 2005
Available: October 1, 2005
ISBN #1554105897
EAN #9781554105892
318 pages
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