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Between pleasure and pain lies dark passion. Daedalus, you first met him in Crimson Wings, now get to know him intimately. He is half-brother to the King of Vampires and now Enforcer. He trusts no one but his sward and Gauge his twin. He is known as a playboy but he has met his match in Ilida and his playboy days are coming to an end.

He finds himself drawn to her even while trying to fight her and send her out of his life. Between fighting vampiric drug dealers, and being a father to a daughter who's determined to shut him out, he is about to come face to face with real evil and dark secrets that might tear him and Ilida apart forever.

Ilida is a recreational therapist to drug addicted teens who also happens to be psychic and telekinetic; though she would give it all up be to normal. Then she meets Daedalus while being caught in the middle of his fight. She is no more happy being sexualy attracted to him than he is her. But is she fighting a losing battle or will she surrender to his dark passion?

Come along in this second book to the Crimson Wings series meet new characters and see how Alec and Tania are doing in their reign as king and queen. Watch as these spectacular creatures battle evil and learn to trust again as well as leave the past behind, if they can.

First and foremost I was quite excited to be able to review A Tempest in the Night after having the honor of reviewing Crimson Wings. Miss Wilson did such an awesome job with her first book that I was not surprised while reading the second book to Crimson Wings. Her talent for bringing the world of vampires and shape shifters to life grows with each story. Each scene, be it fighting or sexual, has you gripping the edge of your seat that by the time you come to the end you wish it would keep going. Miss Wilson's awesome writing skills have you actually wincing in pain with her characters, smelling the aromas, and panting with the passion. I personally can not wait to see what she has in store for us next.

Posted October 21, 2006

Reviewed by Debbie Roush
Posted November 19, 2006


Between pleasure and pain lies dark passion


Prince of Vampires and Enforcer for King of Vampires: If you think you’re stretched too thin then try fighting a gang of vampiric drug dealers, cultivating a new relationship with a psychic, and being a father to a daughter who’s determined to shut you out.

Playboy: I like my women receptive, sassy and strong. And when I say open the pearly gate wide…

Trust: I don’t trust anyone except my sword and my ability to do some serious damage with it.

Ilida: My angel I will never be worthy of no matter how many times she says otherwise.


Recreational Therapist: My job as therapist to drug addicted teens is rewarding hard work. Sometimes I want to give up, most of the time I can’t help but want to get involved with my patients' lives. Yeah, I take my work home with me.

Psychic: As a telepath in the blink of an eye I can read anyone’s thoughts. As a low level empathy, I can feel emotion. As a telekinetic, I can move objects with my thoughts. As a woman I’d like to be just that, a woman with no powers.

Daedalus: Daedalus would say I intruded. He would also say I didn’t want to let go. That may be true, but how do you let go of a raging tempest?

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A Tempest in the Night
(Crimson Wings Book 3)
by K. R. Wilson

eXtasy Books
November 1, 2006
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