"alien abduction has never been more fun and sexy"

Vladei is a Dragoona on a deep space mission and who has had enough of the single life. He's waited for the last year for an opportunity and a sign from the gods to end his loneliness, and finally gets both when he's given a vision of the Blue Planet where he will acquire a wife.

Vladei speaks over four-hundred languages (the most important and universal of which are the languages of love and desire,) and his mere touch can cause instant euphoria and an orgasm. Not to mention his to-die-for body and entrancing liquid silver eyes that could melt any female's heart. What more could a woman ask for?

Hmm, if the woman is one struggling writer named Maggie Stewart, she would say a woman could ask for someone human! That is before her car stalls on a deserted road in the Ozarks, an alien space craft lands in front of it and out walks the very virile, built-like-a- Greek-god, Vladei the Dragoona.

Her therapist had suggested the trip to get away from things and to clear her head after Maggie catches her rich, lying boyfriend cheating on her. Little did Maggie or her therapist know just how far she would be getting away from things.

Anxious, confused and much too turned on to trust her own judgement, Maggie makes a last ditch effort to regain her sanity and logic and tells Vladei that she is married. But when a repentant Vladei agrees to return her home, Maggie doesn't know whether to be relieved that she is going to get her way, or guilty and saddened that Vladei will be "punished" for his "error".

In TAMING HIM, alien abduction has never been more fun and sexy. Maggie's facetious sense of humor and Vladei's Starman- esque innocence and earnestness make a winning combination that gives the term "anal probe" new and delectable meaning.

Pillow has fashioned an unlikely and enticing world where women are cherished and treated like queens, their every dream and wish fulfilled by the strapping and willing men in their lives, which inevitably makes this erotic science fiction romance a fantasy romp well- worth the trip.

Posted December 26, 2005

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted November 19, 2006


Aliens do not exist.

Maggie is a practical woman and practical women don't believe in aliens. But when a sexy alien kidnaps her and brings her to his spaceship, her world is shaken. When he tells her she's meant to be his wife and that she's going to spend her days being pleasured by him, she finds she's ready to believe—and do—almost anything to be his.

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Taming Him
by Michelle M. Pillow

Ellora's Cave
October 1, 2005
ISBN #1419903683
EAN #9781419903687
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