"a thrilling, erotic tale"

With the reading of a fortune-teller's cards: the Hang Man, the Tower, and the Moon; a life of one woman will be forever changed. Step forward and delve into Carnival Tarot - Sarael's Reading!

Sarael Castillo life is about to change in the most paranormal of ways!

After getting her fortune read through the tarot cards at a carnival she works at, Sarael starts to get the feeling her life is about to change somehow. Waiting to snare his mate is the dark and delicious, Matteo Carrillo. He has been looking for Sarael for many years, and now all he wants is to get control of his bride-to-be. Now all his has to do is summon her to him...

Carnival Tarot - Sarael's Reading is by author Jory Strong. Ms. Strong took a familiar vampire premise -- breathing life and vitality into it. Ms. Strong demonstrates through her writing how a good paranormal tale should flow and grab the reader's full attention. The dialogues and thought sequences blend into perfect harmony. Ms. Strong is an author readers definitely need to keep a close eye on because her erotic voice is fierce!

As a very young girl Sarael's mother leaves her with the carnival folk to be raised. These people have lovingly brought her up, but it is not the same as a mother's love. Now her future is rushing up to meet with fate. Waiting in the wings to capture and captivate his future mate is Matteo, a vampire. He needs Sarael to complete the truly animalistic creature he is. How will this all play out? Read on to experience the thrill of this erotic tale for yourselves!

This is an excellent erotic vampire/paranormal book that this reviewer highly recommends. Carnival Tarot - Sarael's Reading by Jory Strong. Buy it today!

Courtesy Love Romances
Posted February 12, 2006

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted November 19, 2006


Sarael Castillo wanted to ignore the fortune-teller's words. She wanted to ignore the tarot cards spread out on black satin. Three of them, lined up in a row. The past. The present. The future.

The Hanged Man The Tower The Moon

For days she'd felt as though a dark storm was rapidly approaching. When she looked at the cards, she knew it had arrived. The Tower falling, casting her into the nightscape of The Moon.

Nothing would keep Matteo Cabrelli from claiming Sarael. She'd been created for him, her destiny written in ancient blood. Once he joined with her, there would be no chance of La Brama, The Hunger, controlling him. Her blood would sate him, her body would succor him, her life would give deeper meaning to his own so that instead of centuries of meaningless conquest and feeding, of lone pursuits, he'd have a companion at his side, a woman who was his in every way. A woman meant to live in his world.

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Sarael's Reading
(Carnival Tarot Series: Book 1)
by Jory Strong

Ellora's Cave
December 1, 2005
ISBN #1419904353
EAN #9781419904356
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