"Three stories are bound by this one special piece and a touch from magic"

Three stories are bound by this one special piece; it sparkles and gleams with fiery powers, and a touch from magic makes it special indeed...

Beneath The Mistletoe Lady Holly Harrington and Andrew have been friends for many years, but this Christmas their relationship has changed. With stolen passionate kisses under the mistletoe that will forever change their feelings towards each other. Andrew leaves after that night, and Holly is left heartsick and wondering. Why did he leave, and what will happen if and when he returns?

Charlotte Featherstone is at it again. Filling the pages with lush sexuality and brilliantly mastered characters. The characters literally breathe forth with life and vitality. The pages will heat-up with consuming carnal extravagances. With the addition of a paranormal element, the combination is perfection! Ms. Featherstone has fashioned herself into an erotic paranormal princess.

A Bluestocking Christmas Ivy Beecham has been confronted by Lord Wycombe, accused of trying to snare Anthony Dardnay, his ward. But instead, Wycombe becomes the snared and enthralled. These two different classed individuals will have to overcome and conquer many obstacles to find happiness, while discovering the carnal passions that have spark between them.

Monica Burns has a writing style that is fluid and graceful. Team that up with a pen drenched with illicit wordplay, and it brings the readers to a fever pitch within the first few chapters! The premise is fully flavored with originality and creativity. This reader has never read anything Ms. Burns has written and not fallen totally under the spell of her writing!

A Kind of Magic Julia Taylor is a historical author; well, she is trying to be at the moment -- writer's block has set in. Julia will get the idea from her friend, Tanya, to travel to England for research on her book. What Julia does not know is that Brock Maitland will be following her all the way. Julia has never felt quite comfortable in this modern time, and Brock will be her link to what lies beneath those feelings and in her sexual soul...

This story is the combined writing talents of Monica Burns and Charlotte Featherstone. Both authors do an excellent job of depicting the opulence and elegance of the era in which they expound upon in words. The authors have created captivating characters and beautiful backdrops for the readers to inhabit. The carnally crafted scenes will have you beguiled in arousal and lost within this paranormal tale of historical lovers. This was this reader's favorite story.

Holly, Ivy, and Me is by authoress' Monica Burns and Charlotte Featherstone. This is one of the finer historical/paranormal erotic books that this reviewer has had the immense pleasure of reading and reviewing! Ms. Burns and Ms. Featherstone are two of the hottest authors to grace the writing field; their stories are eloquently erotic and historically mesmerizing to read. When you see either of these author's names, just buy! You too, will fall in love with their heated tales of passionate love!

Posted March 31, 2006

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted November 19, 2006


Beneath the Mistletoe by Charlotte Featherstone: Holly Nightingale is a woman who has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. It's been eight years since the man she thought loved her left her without a word after kissing her passionately beneath the mistletoe.

Andrew Carlyle has made his fortune in India and returned to England to claim the woman he has always wanted. But the Holly he knew is gone. In her place is a stranger with a delectably curvaceous body he can't stop desiring, and a steely resolve he hopes to breach. And he will, especially with the help of Holly's great-grandmother--The Grand Dame, not to mention his persuasive skill with the mistletoe.

A Bluestocking Christmas by Monica Burns: Miss Ivy Beecham is a bluestocking who has sworn off love, and she's found the perfect place to hide--a library. Simon Carton, Viscount Wycombe, is an intellectual rogue who's convinced all women can be bought.

What neither of them counted on was finding love amid a stack of dusty books. Determined to win the reluctant bluestocking nymph, Simon seduces Ivy with words and other sinful pleasures. But despite the passion between them, Ivy refuses to risk her heart--at least not until the ghost of her ancestor visits her on Christmas Eve and helps Ivy see that her choices will affect the rest of her life. The question is, will Ivy make the right choice?

A Kind of Magic by Monica Burns and Charlotte Featherstone: Christmas for thirty year old romance writer, Julia Taylor is just plain not worth it. The excitement that used to surround Julia during the holidays has been replaced with a cool cynicism. The magic is gone. Faced with the loss of her publishing contract if she doesn't produce a blockbuster romance novel for her editor, she heads for Harrow Lodge, the home of her ancestor, the Grand Dame, in England. To finance her trip, she pawns a treasured heirloom that's been in the family even longer than Harrow Lodge. But the ghost of the Grand Dame has something else in store for Julia.

Brock Maitland is not quite alive, nor is he dead. He's in that insufferable space, hovering on the brink of either state. Brock only has one chance to find his soul mate and make her love him, thus returning him to a mortal state. Now all he has left to do is convince Julia, the uptight, spinster romance author, that the magic she creates in her books can be found between them.

Rating: Contains graphic sex, explicit language and content suitable only for adults.

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Holly, Ivy, and Me
by Monica Burns, Charlotte Featherstone

New Concepts Publishing
December 1, 2005
ISBN #1586087738
EAN #9781586087739
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