"a great, one-sitting read"

Candy Nelson was born on Christmas Day to parents who wanted nothing more than a Christmas baby. But her parents are gone now and there's no one left to recognize her birthday or with whom she wants to spend her Christmas and birthday.

Just severing ties with her lover and associate at the law firm where they both work, Candy is bitter and angry that she wasted her time and her heart on such an arrogant and controlling jerk. Even more, she's pissed that said jerk has caused her to arrive late at a hotly sought auction in Malaysia for a rare doll to add to her much- loved collection. However, some miscommunication with the non- English speaking cab driver who takes her to an isolated warehouse on the wrong side of Chinatown, leads Candy not to an auction for dolls, but an auction for...human beings!

On the podium among the much smaller and bedraggled slaves, is one gorgeous, striking hunk that any woman would want to find under her tree on Christmas morning despite his being as bedraggled as the rest of the stock for sale.

Brook Harper was a grad student at the University of Michigan in his former life, headed to Hanoi University to do his fellowship on the history of Southeast Asia. Through a series of unfortunate events, he winds up arrested. Penniless, without ID or any other proof of who he is, Brooks is sold into debt bondage and slavery and has been suffering beneath the hands of the police and brutal Asian slave- traders for the last three years. He is on the verge of being sold, yet again, this time into prostitution until Brook makes eye contract with the beautiful American woman in white. He believes his savior has arrived and visually begs Candy to outbid the cruel German who wants to buy and add Brook to his collection.

Enraged at the injustice and na´ve enough to believe she can make a difference if she can help at least one of the poor souls up for auction, Candy outbids the German and buys Brook.

Initially wary of Candy, especially once he realizes she is not who he thought she was, Brook comes to see through the innocent, but intensely driven and organized lawyer to the passionate, sensual and lovelorn woman beneath, and his heart and body hunger for her as for no other woman before her.

Morgen has created a richly textured, gritty and fast- paced story in ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS. Her leads, both multi- dimensional and engaging, have sizzling chemistry that jumps off the page and right into the reader's fidgeting, hot lap. She realistically details Brook's plight and Candy's "rescue," weaving a tight plausible plot with enough splashes of action, adventure, mystery and suspense to make this erotica romance one with universal appeal that transcend genres.

Though this story takes place during Christmas week, it is not, to this reader's mind, a true Christmas story, but rather a poignant tale of redemption and two damaged souls coming together at just the right time of year, at just the right time in each other's lives to make a healing connection. This was a great, one-sitting read that can be enjoyed any time of year!

Posted February 17, 2006

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted November 19, 2006


The wrong place.

Candy Nelson has wandered into a nightmare -- a slave auction in Southeast Asia.

The wrong time.

Things like this don't happen -- not in the twenty-first century.

One wrong move could get her killed.

One woman. Alone. She isn't supposed to be here. She needs to get out. Now.

But from across the room, a man raises his head, and his eyes meet hers. And Candy knows she'll do whatever it takes to buy this stranger his freedom. Though setting him free is the farthest thought from her mind...


All I Want For Christmas
(C.H.A.S.E. 1)
by Shelby Morgen

Changeling Press
December 1, 2004
Available: December 17, 2004
ISBN #1595960848
EAN #9781595960849
e-Book (reprint)
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