"exciting and sizzling vampire erotic romance"

As a human, Cade McKinnon was a good and honorable man. It is this very integrity that gets him turned into something not human by an ancient vampire with no honor or integrity when Cade comes to the aid of a woman in distress. Cade succeeds in saving the brutalized woman, only to become a victim of Sir Edward Ridgemont himself, psychically enslaved and compelled to do the ancient's bidding against his own wishes.

It isn't until Valerie Chase's life is threatened more than a hundred years later that Cade successfully breaks Ridgemont's stranglehold on his mind and will to try and kill the ancient and his lackey, fellow vampire and sadistic German, Gerhard Hirsch with a car bomb. Cade's desperate attempt to keep Ridgemont away from Valerie and ensure her safety is thwarted when his younger sister, a ghost who exists on the psychic plane, warns Ridgemont of Cade's murder/suicide mission.

Now Cade's only chance to save Valerie from Ridgemont and Hirsch's infamous, savage cruelty is to get to her before the other vampires, and if need be kidnap her.

Recently and suddenly fired from her position as a journalist at a metropolitan newspaper, Valerie is confused and jobless when an offer to do Edward Ridgemont's memoirs comes through. With a younger, talented painter sister on her way to an expensive art institute and no other way to pay for the tuition, Valerie accepts Ridgemont's seemingly fortuitous and generous offer, unaware that it is Ridgemont who murdered her parents more than a decade ago.

Cade and Valerie have a psychic link that only one of them is aware of.

Valerie thinks Cade is a figment of her imagination, the sexy Cowboy that exists only in her dreams. Already erotic and vivid, lately her dreams have taken on a decidedly frightening turn as Cowboy turns into one of the monsters that killed her parents, the hated vampire from her worst nightmares.

To Cade, Valerie is a dream and a reality that he can never hope to obtain. The best he can do -- what he has been doing for the last seven years -- is console and protect her from the nightmares that threaten her, and help her have as normal a life as possible, something that was stolen from her when Ridgemont and Hirsch killed her parents. As one who was present during the murders but, by a colossal force of will, refusing an order from Ridgemont to kill Valerie and her sister, Cade feels a responsible for Valerie. Filled with remorse, he's determined to do anything in his power to right the wrong of his past and ensure that Valerie doesn't fall victim to Ridgemont again...even if it means giving his own life to do it.

Fast-paced with creative and detailed world-building, THE FOREVER KISS is peopled with a well-delineated cast of characters from Cade's heroic Texas Ranger, to Ridgemont's elegantly barbaric aristocrat, to Cade's petulant and overprotective sister Abigail. Cade is the perfect hero -- engaging, virtuous, and sexy as sin. Spirited and with a wicked sense of humor, Valerie is his match in every way and in her and Cade McKinnon, Knight has fashioned a couple with explosive chemistry that makes this book an exciting and sizzling vampire erotic romance. Definitely a recommended read!

Reviewed for PNR Reviews by Gracie McKeever, Author
Posted February 11, 2006

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted November 19, 2006


For years, Valerie Chase has been haunted by dreams of a man she knows only as Cowboy. When she was a child, her fantasy Texas Ranger rescued her from the nightmare vampires who murdered her parents. As an adult, she still dreams of himóbut now he's her seductive lover in nights of erotic pleasure.

Yet Cowboy is far more than a dream. He's very real. And he's a vampire.

For years, Cade McKinnon has protected Valerie from Edward Ridgemont, the sadistic vampire who Turned him. But now, Ridgmont is determined to take her for his own, and Cade is the only one who can protect her. And he means to do just that, even if he must kidnap her to do it.

When Val finds herself abducted by her handsome dream man, she's appalled to discover he's one of the vampires she fears. Now, caught in a web of fear and passion, she and Cade must learn to trust each other, even as an immortal monster stalks their every move.

Their only hope of survival is . . . THE FOREVER KISS.

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The Forever Kiss
by Angela Knight

Red Sage Publishing
July 1, 2004
Available: July 15, 2004
ISBN #0964894238
EAN #9780964894235
315 pages
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