"a very well-written science fiction story"

Rulagh is an exo-biologist and veterinary surgeon. He finally managed to find a job with the Interstellar Humane Society. Even though he's overqualified for this job, he's happy with it. He'll have a chance to go off-planet and that's what he wants. While going through and purging old files, Rulagh finds something. Eighty years ago, a couple vacationing on Earth lost their pet Shrennan. The feral Shrennan could have multiplied into mind-boggling numbers by now. Rulagh takes this information to his supervisor and he is assigned to the team sent to Earth to "fix" the problem. Once there, Rulagh is assigned to Puerto Rico, where the heaviest concentration of Shrennan is located. He befriends an old sick man. This man is very rich and has a mansion. He invites Rulagh to stay with him and, in return, Rulagh takes care of him until his death.

Sonia Rodriguez had no idea her father was ill, much less dying. According to the terms of her father's will, she must live in his mansion for one year before she can inherit his millions. Sonia has to admit, the mansion is a little creepy, especially since she's the only one living in it. She keeps smelling cinnamon in the oddest places. Her father also wants her to kill chupacabras. So, she goes to the internet for all the information she can find on the mythical creatures. One night, she's having problems falling asleep. She decides to go for a run. Just as she's heading back to the mansion, she hears something behind her. She turns and sees them! The very creatures her father wanted her to hunt. A man comes up and saves her. He kills the creatures with a pair of machetes and then runs away. She later discovers this "mystery man" with the machetes is the source of the cinnamon she keeps smelling. She's attracted to him, but he's an alien.

Will Sonia and Rulagh be able to fight their attraction? Are their species compatible? What of Rulagh's society? Will Sonia be accepted into his society? Can Sonia accept his ways? Will they be able to kill off the chupacabras?

THE HUNTRESS is a very well-written science fiction story. The action is fast-paced and steadily moves forward as Sonia and Rulagh deal with the problem of the chupacabras, as well their attraction to each other. This story provides a well-thought out look at the problems inherent in inter- species relationships and Sonia and Rulagh must deal with the societal differences between their two cultures. The sparks are continually flying everywhere, especially when Sonia is introduced to Rulagh's three other teammates. I really loved the added bonus on Rulagh's anatomy. I highly recommend Barbara Karmazin's THE HUNTRESS to all lovers of erotic science fiction.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted April 19, 2004

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 19, 2006


It's 2032, RULAGH is an exo-biologist and veterinary surgeon at the Interstellar Humane Society. While purging three hundred years of outdated files, an anomaly snags his attention.

Eighty years ago, interstellar tourists misplaced six pets on a remote planet listed as 'Earth'in the Sol star system. RULAGH alerts his superiors to the disastrous ecological repercussions from the feral descendants of these mislaid pets. He and three co-workers travel to Earth to eradicate the dangerous pets before this incident causes a major uproar in interstellar politics.

SONIA RODRIGUEZ, arrives in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. A science fiction enthusiast and Renaissance Faire quarterstaff jouster, Sonia programs computers, designs websites and security software. Her father's will states that in order for her to claim a billion dollar inheritance, she must live in his Cabo Rojo mansion for one year.

Sonia and Rulagh become The Huntress and Alien in Black. They create a team of aliens and humans to eradicate these dangerous animals and, in the process of working together, forge a love that transcends species.


The Huntress
by Barbara Karmazin

Atlantic Bridge Publishing (Liquid Silver Books)
February 14, 2004
ISBN #1931761841
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