"Knock-Your-Socks-Off Fantasy Adventure"

The Black Knight rides on a vengeful quest, precise in aim, deadly in intent. Those who fall to his sword are all de Morte, brothers feared across France for their cruelty and decadence. The Black Knight's origin is unknown. His name, his purpose, his goal-all are great mysteries. And none suspect that the Black Knight is actually a woman.

Seraphim D'Ange, sole survivor of a heedless attack by the de Morte, has dedicated herself to vengeance. She is joined on her quest by young Baldwin, a family retainer turned squire, the only person who knows her past and the true roots of her quest. But she doesn't know the hellish truths beyond the existence of the de Morte clan, or that she has her own hidden secrets.

They are joined by the mysterious Dominique San Juste, a man of many secrets. Dark and solitary, San Juste has appointed himself Seraphim's protector. A strong warrior in his own right, he has knowledge that extends beyond the mortal realm. He knows of the prophecy that demands Seraphim be the one to destroy the de Mortes, though only slowly does he realize how little she knows about her destiny.

Together they cut a swathe through the spreading stain that is the de Morte family. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the eldest brother, Lucifer. Along the way they will face challenges and surprises and the revelation of secrets both beautiful and horrifying. The stakes are high, but their determination is strong. Love is something neither can afford-or maybe it's what they are both going to need to survive.

SERAPHIM is an enthralling mix of fantasy adventure and believable romance, a perfect addition to the LUNA lineup. The action rolls from the first page, never stopping, never faltering. The characterization is excellent, the storytelling descriptive and engaging. Though primarily an adventure, the relationship between Seraphim and Dominique is always humming and evolving. Tender and outrageous, the romance between the two erstwhile heroes is enough to please any romance reader.

The adventure part of the story-which involves demons and angels and faeries and more-is well-plotted and exciting. SERAPHIM is well-written and well-paced, too, the dialogue hinting of the medieval setting and the characters themselves balanced and believable. Of course, it isn't an easy read. Death and destruction scenes are well-timed and executed, but hard on the reader. (Arguably, as they should be.) One other fact to be noted is that, though Seraphim is the first in a projected LUNA trilogy by Hauf, the book stands solidly on its own feet and ends as well as any self- respecting non-series title. SERAPHIM was a joy to read and re-read. I can't wait for Hauf's next LUNA novel!

Reviewed by Ann Leveille
Posted April 19, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 19, 2006


Winter, 1433 -- and Joan d'Arc's ashes still glow with unsettled embers . . . In a land where the battle between Good and Evil is always near, the Black Knight's silver sword fells enemies with silent grace. The Knight has sworn that fallen angel Lucifer de Morte and his cruel brotherhood will pay for the reign of terror wrought upon France -- and upon the d'Ange family where nearly all had died a terrible death. All but one . . .

Yet the Knight's hard-won battles and dented armor hide a larger secret. For "he" is actually Seraphim d'Ange. She is traveling to de Morte's demesnes, executing his demon henchmen along the way. Now, aided by Baldwin, a family retainer, and San Juste, a mysterious stranger who knows far too much about the puissance of both heaven and hell, Sera grows closer and closer to her final target.

Yet little does she know that there is at least one more aspect of power she herself holds . . .


by Michele Hauf

May 1, 2004
ISBN #0373802064
EAN #9780373802067
448 pages
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