"Mesmerizing Start to a Powerful New Trilogy"

Deep in the Australian outback, the world is changing.

It begins with a discovery. A black rock - strong as diamond and equally mysterious. Dr. James Hay, a man who has dedicated his life to solving the unsolvable, doesn't know what the rock is, but he knows that it is important. The arrival of world-class reporter Samantha Louis is both a blessing and a curse to the doctor and his team, for though she has come at his request her interest has awakened the world to the Dr. Hay's discovery. Even the aborigine elders find the stone of intense interest, placing Dr. Hay in the middle of a wild controversy.

The Aborigines have deep secrets, though, and no care for what the Australian government or the world scientific community plan for the stone. They recognize the stone from their legends and tales and know that its discovery marks the beginning of a great quest.

Soon Dr. Hay finds himself heading toward the Glass Mountains, accompanied by a handful of people that include a renowned paranormal investigator and the reporter Samantha Louis. Their journey will take them into a realm where myths come to life and nothing is quite what it seems. Mankind has searched for answers since the very genesis of life - could it be possible that they are finally beginning to unfold?

Australian myth and magic explode in this tense, thrillingly suspenseful story with a relentlessly optimistic outlook. Aliens, monsters, mythical beings and ancient mysteries are carefully measured into this light yet shadowed story that the Overtons weave, though romance readers who like character-focused fiction should take warning that the many adventures and ideas that (presumably) must be shared to understand the rest of the trilogy leave little room for character development.

The theories that are submitted for the reader's consideration are quite interesting. The authors even include a few pages of discourse on the odd creatures Hay and his group encounter, along with a bibliography for those who wish more information, in the back of the novel. THE GLASS HOUSE is a mind-bending journey into mankind's past and future and, though the story is far from complete, this first volume in the trilogy is a strong start.

Reviewed by Ann Leveille
Posted March 30, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 19, 2006


The Glass House
by Max Overton, Ariana Overton

Novel Books, Inc.
March 30, 2004
ISBN #1591051231
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