"An engrossing paranormal erotica"

Drey is a young mage, out on her own, away from her family, sent away by her family in the hopes she would learn how to harness her magickal powers to do wondrous deeds. But she becomes frustrated when she can't master any but the simplest of magickal spells. Everything powerful seems beyond her reach. She begins to feel she will never master anything but Small Magick.

Frustration brings her to the outdoors, with her musical pipes, where she happens across a natural magick circle and decides to put it to use. In so doing, she accidentally binds the Wind Spirit in human form, not quite sure how she did it. Cyrus, as the spirit calls himself, sets himself to the task of getting to know Drey quite intimately, and then is ready to return to natural form. Unfortunately, since she has no idea how she trapped him, she doesn't know how to release him!

Only the mage who cast the spell can undo it, so they set about trying to find away to free him, all the while getting to know each other more and more, finding they cannot resist the lure each other offers. The harder she tries to free him, the more frustrated she becomes. When an unknown stranger comes to town, also a powerful mage, Drey offers to apprentice to him, in the hopes he can teach her how to master her powers and free Cyrus to the spirit form he needs. Drey learns much about herself and her powers from this mystery mage, but he has a plan all of his own. What does he want with her? Will she ever learn the secret to unlocking the great powers she possesses and to freeing Cyrus? And even if she does find the secret, will she ever truly be able to let him out of her life?

This is the second in Ms. Midnight's Elementals series and it is a delight! What a unique world she creates in her stories... one which is hot enough to keep the reader yearning for more. Cyrus and Drey are such individuals, each with great powers of their own. Drey is a free spirited young lady who desires above all else, the ability to harness great power with her magick. Cyrus longs for his freedom, but finds he quite enjoys the pleasures of the flesh as well. Drey comes into her own in this story, finding that the truly powerful ones get their strength in the unlikeliest of places and ways.

There is enough intrigue as well, in the mysterious mage, Kelsh, whose agenda is unknown, as are his origins. And the details of the passionate love scenes, so inventive and imaginative! The readers will want their significant others at beck and call after reading this book, in hopes of cooling the flames brought on by the details. Definitely worth the time to read; and highly recommended for anyone who likes a little adventure with their passion.

This reviewer eagerly awaits the next installment in this innovative series, Tidal Treasures, due to be released in the near future.

© Kelley A Hartsell, November 2002. All rights reserved.
Courtesy Love Romances
Posted November 30, 2003

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 19, 2006


Drey comes from a long line of powerful mages. She laments that she has naught but small magick related to healing. Her life changes the day she discovers a magical circle near her cottage. For the first time, she concentrates on celebration and not her goal—and somehow manages to summon a wind spirit in a very appealing male form.

Cyrus believes Drey has bound him to pleasure her, and devotes himself to the task. The sensual experiences offered by his mortal body delight him, as does his beguiling mage. For a time, he is content to discover the mortal world and all it has to offer.

As lust leads to love, one problem remains—Drey has no idea how to reverse the spell she unknowingly wrought. Cryus is trapped in her world. To free him, she is willing to do anything, even apprentice herself to an unknown mage with an agenda of his own.

Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: Novel
Publisher's Note: This story was previously published by LTDBooks, under this title. It has been revised and expanded for Ellora's Cave.

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Small Magick
(Elementals: Book 2)
by Liddy Midnight

Ellora's Cave
October 1, 2004
Available: October 1, 2004
ISBN #1843609576
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103 pages
e-Book (reprint)
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